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2. Click the System and Maintenance link.
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You can then enter commands to create a security association. These commands will look something like this:
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Seeing how simple it was to create a consumer for your CTemp Web Service, you might be tempted to forget all that is actually taking place when calling a Web Service method. The real value of the .NET framework and the Visual Studio IDE is quite evident when you examine some of the details behind the operation of your simple consumer application and Web Service as it processes a single temperature conversion request. Recall that both Web Services and Web applications are really ASP.NET applications and run under the control of ASP.NET and the Common Language Runtime. As such, both applications are contained in a virtual directory on a Web server, with the appropriate files for each application stored in the root of the virtual directory along with any needed assemblies, which are stored in the bin folder of the virtual directory. The consumer application is started when a user requests the main form of the application: 1. A user requests the main form of the CTempClient application, such as http://localhost/CTempClient/WebForm1.aspx. 2. The IIS Web server on localhost receives the request (technically, an HTTP GET request) and hands it off to the
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Figure 5-7: Only Details view lets you sort without resorting to right-click.
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LDIFDE [-i] [-f ] [-s] [-c] [-v] [-j] [-t] [-d] [-r] [-p] [-l] [-o] [-g] [-m] [-n] [-k] [-a ] [- b][- ] Parameters -i Specifies import mode. If not specified, the default mode for LDIFDE is export. -f filename Identifies the import or export file name. -s server name Specifies the domain controller to perform the import or export operation. -c string1 string2 Replace all occurrences of string1 with string2. Typically is used when importing data from one domain to another and the distinguished name of the export domain needs to be replaced with that of the import domain. -v Sets verbose mode. -j Directory Path Use to set the log file location. The default is the current directory. -t Port Number Use to specify a LDAP port number. The default LDAP port is 389. The Global Catalog port is 3268 -d BaseDN Use to set the distinguished name of the search base for data export. -r LDAP filter Use to create a LDAP search filter for data export. For example to export all users with your surname, the following filter could be used: -r "(&(objectClass=user)(sn=yoursurname))" -p Scope Set the search scope. May be one of Base, OneLevel or SubTree -l LDAP attribute list Set the list of attributes to return in the results of an export query. If this parameter is omitted, all attributes are returned. For example to retrieve only the distinguished name, common name, first name, surname and telephone number of the returned objects, the following attribute list would be specified:
Controlling part configurations Exploring design tables Creating a design table Examining the benefits of using the Configuration Publisher Working with configurations and design tables tutorial
ionizing radiation with medium and large size radiation windows and/or detection volumes. European Patent EP 0616722 BI (30 December, 1998) (available in http://ep.espacenet.com). dos Santos, J. M. F., Bento, A. C. S. S. M. and Conde, C. A. N. The performance of the curved grid gas proportional scintillation counter in X-ray spectrometry. Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A337, 427 430 (1994). Silva, R. M. C., dos Santos, J. M. F. and Conde, C. A. N. An ellipsoidal grid gas proportional scintillation counter. Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A422, 305 308 (1999). Anderson, D. F. A xenon gas scintillation proportional counter coupled to a photoionization detector. Nucl. Instrum. Methods, 178, 125 130 (1980). Veloso, J. F. C. A., Lopes, J. A. M., dos Santos, J. M. F. and Conde, C. A. N. A microstrip gas chamber as a VUV photosensor for a xenon gas proportional scintillation counter. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 43(3), 1232 1236 (1996). Freitas D. S. A. P., Veloso, J. F. C. A., dos Santos, J. M. F. and Conde, C. A. N. Dependence of the performance of CsI-covered microstrip plate VUV photosensors on geometry: experimental results. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 49, 1629 1633 (2002). Van Standen, J. C., Mutterer, M., Pannicke, J., Schelhaas, K. P., Foh, J. and Theobald, J. P. Vacuum photodiode as light sensing element for gas scintillation counters. Nucl. Instrum. Methods, 157, 301 304 (1978). Campos, A. J. A silicon photodiode based gas proportional scintillation counter. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 31(1), 133 135 (1984). Lopes, J. A. M., dos Santos, J. M. F., Morgado, R. E. and Conde, C. A. N. Silicon photodiodes as the VUV photosensor in gas proportional scintillation counters. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 47(3), 928 932 (2000). Lopes, J. A. M., dos Santos, J. M. F. and Conde, C. A. N. A large area avalanche photodiode as the VUV photosensor in gas proportional scintillation counters, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A454, 421 425 (2000). dos Santos, J. M. F., Soares, A. J. V. D., Monteiro, C. M. B., Morgado, R. E. and Conde, C. A. N. The application of the curved-grid technique to a gas proportional scintillation counter with a small-diameter photomultiplier tube. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 45(3), 229 233 (1998). Lopes, J. A. M., dos Santos, J. M. F., Morgado, R. E. and Conde, C. A. N. Silicon a xenon gas proportional scintillation counter with a UV-sensitive, large-area avalanche photodiode. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 48(3), 312 319 (2001). Borges, F. I. G. M., Santos, F. P., dos Santos, J. M. F., Dias, T. H. V. T., Rachinhas, P. J. B. M. and Conde, C. A. N. The performance of a gas proportional scintillation counter for X-ray spectrometry in the 0.1 3 keV range. IRRMA-V 5th International Topical Meeting on Industrial Radiation and Radioisotope Measurement Applications submitted. Sim es, P. C. P. S., dos Santos, J. M. F., and Conde, o C. A. N. Digital risetime discrimination for peak enhancement analysis. X-Ray Spectrom., 26, 182 188 (1997).
Here are some things that you need to do to maintain your system. Most of these are recommended anyway for general maintenance, but with the extra resources required by SolidWorks, maintenance is more critical for SolidWorks users. n If you run anti-virus software, then turn it off when installing software. Real-time scanning can also be extremely detrimental to performance, particularly when working across a network. Take a sensible approach to using anti-virus software. If running anti-virus software according to rigid company standard practices is costing you 20 to 50 percent of your SolidWorks work time, then you need to look at a different solution. n Make sure that your video driver is approved on the SolidWorks Web site. n Clear out the Windows temp folder locations regularly. n Regularly defragment your computer, as well as network locations of SolidWorks files. n Back up your SolidWorks data, including libraries and customized files in your SolidWorks installation directory. Off-site backups are generally recommended in case of disasters such as fire or flood. n Periodically make sure that the fan on your computer is functioning properly and is not clogged with dust or other debris. n Keep the Microsoft updates current. Whether you do it manually or automatically does not matter as much as that you do it. n Use System Restore and the emergency repair disk. This is basic computer maintenance common sense. n If at all possible, keep your SolidWorks computer off of the Internet, or at least limit its exposure to the Internet. If you need to have the weather updates running on your taskbar or you just cannot live without a dancing dinosaur cursor, then do all of that on a separate computer that is older, cheaper, and less critical to how you make a living. n If at all possible, avoid installing semi-professional software on your SolidWorks computer. Every time you install or uninstall software, something is added to, and possibly not removed from, the registry. This accumulates over time. There are ways to clean the registry, but the best way to clean it is to not clutter it up in the first place. This is a great use for your older multi-media computer. n iTunes is a great application, and I love listening to music while I am working as much as anyone. You can already hear what I am going to say next. I use a retired home computer to play music, access the Internet, and install any questionable software on. This kind of computer can be purchased new for $500, and used for next to nothing. Use a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch to share all of the peripherals between the two computers.
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Think of this in terms of classes on a plane. Businesspeople may join the First or Business Class to gain access to better meals, more room, and seating arrangements that can accommodate in- ight board meetings, room to work with les and documents, and so on. If a yer does not have a First or Business Class ticket, she does not have access or privileges to any services paid for by the First and Business Class yers. The following list summarizes what you ve learned in this section: Groups are mostly collections of user accounts. Users or members of groups inherit the blanket permissions assigned to a group. Users can be members of more than one group. Groups can be members of organizational units (OUs), which can be members of other OUs. Groups can also be members of other groups. This exibility offered by OUs and groups is somewhat dangerous, however, because it can result in an overnested organizational mess if taken to the extreme. You should plan this carefully, before you nd that you can t see the forest for the trees.
a whole list of spamming activities that can still sometimes succeed, temporarily. Organizations should stake out their keywords carefully and aim for those that are realistically achievable. For example, a web site selling shoes has a better chance of achieving top results on a phrase, such as women narrow shoes or child sport shoes than if they go after shoe and shoes. As part of this method of SEO I stumbled upon the concept of branding through search results. I m beginning to hear more of this idea in industry discussions. I think this will be the next big thing in SEO. Jerri: Explain how branding through search results works. Dzugan: We use the kind of narrowing of keywords described above to reinforce our client s brand. For example, my own company, Rapport Online, is very small, and how do you compete on keywords like search engine optimization without a staff member to work on that full time We are staking out the concept of building rapport as the online marketing approach. Our site ranks on the first page of Google results for keyword ad calculator and other more specific phrases that relate to a cost-per-customer-acquired approach to online marketing. Jerri: What strategies should companies be using to create their brand in search results Dzugan: Stake out the desired keywords. Use pay-per-click advertising to get your sales pitch across. Optimize top-level pages for the desired brand keywords. Get linked in to the most popular and industry-related directories, using the brand concepts in the description. And are there some branding opportunities that are better than others Certainly, less competitive brand concepts and more differentiating concepts are better. Our client Powder Technology, Inc., produces test dust for testing of engines, filters, etc. We have staked out the keyword test dust (not as easy as it sounds) and if you search on that keyword in Google you see that they pretty much own the top of the first page of results. Niche brand concepts are easier opportunities than more general concepts, such as best shoes but, if you can pull it off, the more general concept will get much more traffic because more people will be using it in search. Just remember that if you are promoting your product as the best and it is inferior, you undermine consumer confidence in your company and the search engine that was used. Jerri: What are the coming trends that you see affecting search engines over the next 12 18 months Dzugan: Ask Google. People have been waiting for mobile search to take off and maybe that will finally happen. It is hard with the small screen to effectively browse the net it s a whole different animal.
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