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Three different reactors were used to deposit CuInS2 lms via AACVD. Reactor A, shown schematically in Fig. 6.11a, was primarily used in the parametric studies described below. This is a horizontal, atmospheric pressure, hot-wall reactor with a plate-type 2.5-MHz ultrasonic nebulizer from Sonaer Ultrasonics. The precursor (1.5 3.5 g) was dissolved into distilled toluene (50 400 ml) and fed into the nebulizer using a syringe pump. The nebulizer
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For information about how to set Parental Controls in Vista, see 11.
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Opening (or adding) new tabs
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Financial Engines, a rm founded by Nobel Laureate Bill Sharpe, pioneered the use of Monte Carlo simulation of retirement accounts in 1996.2 In 1997, Sharpe told me that at rst he expected competition at the technical level, with different rms ghting it out over who had the most accurate simulation. But to his surprise, he found that most nancial advisory companies at the time were still using averages; that is, their analyses were based on the approach of Figure 21.1. Sharpe wrote a humorous essay at the time, entitled Financial Planning in Fantasyland, that is available online.3 In a sense Financial Engines is the prototypical Probability Management company. At its core is a database of distributions on the returns of more than 25,000 investments. Initially, all they provided was access to their simulations online, mostly to large organizations, whose employees used the service to monitor their retirement accounts. But as time went on, their clients have asked them for investment management services as well. Once Financial Engines had broken the simulation ice, many smaller rms followed suit, creating their own models with @Risk or Crystal Ball or by developing their own stand-alone simulation software. But Michael Dubis, a Certi ed Financial Planner in Madison, Wisconsin, has this warning: Many nancial planners use Monte Carlo
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Good Time
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value="Submit" OnServerClick="SubmitButton_Click"> </form>
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36 Recovery Planning
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The presentation of these User Account Control dialogs can be quite jarring if you re not familiar with the feature or if you ve just recently switched to Windows 7 from XP. (Vista users are very well accustomed to this effect.) If you attempt to complete an administrative task, the screen will flash, the background will darken, and the credentials or consent dialog will appear somewhere onscreen. Most important, the dialogs are modal: you can t continue doing anything else until you have dealt with these dialogs one way or the other.
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Anyone familiar with previous versions of Windows NT knows the administrative cost associated with using multiple tools to manage servers (and clients). MMC is the result of Microsoft s effort to create better tools to administer Windows-based networks. The goal of MMC design was to remove administrative burden by supporting simplified administration through integration, delegation, task orientation, and overall interface simplification. As Microsoft addressed these and other issues, it increased the project s scope to include all Microsoft administration tools and to offer this management framework to ISVs as well. MMC is a core part of Microsoft s future management strategy. Most Microsoft development groups will use MMC for future management applications. An example of this is the new interface used in Microsoft s SQL Server version 7.0, where all administrative tasks are accomplished through a preconfigured MMC.
To add a leader to a note that was created without a leader, click the note and select the leader options in the Leader panel of the PropertyManager, as shown in Figure 22.4. After you add the leader, you can reposition the handle at the end of the leader to attach it to an entity on the drawing.
The Autodimension PropertyManager interface
L3 L2 L1
acting as a data acquisition hardware front end. For example, you can use the Agilent PSA series spectrum analyzer, with appropriate hardware options installed, as the front-end instrument to capture the signal from the output of your DUT. A properly con gured PC can then run the analysis software, which connects to the PSA and assumes all control of the instrument. The front panel of the PSA is disabled when the software is connected to the machine. Other instruments that can act as a data acquisition front end for the analysis software include advanced digital oscilloscopes and specially designed hardware that works with the VXI chassis speci cation. The performance of these different con gurations varies because of limitations of the hardware. The main parameter of interest in the performance is the maximum bandwidth of the signal that can be analyzed. In earlier commercial wireless systems, such as 2G cell phones, the bandwidth of the signal was limited to 30 kHz for IS-136 or 200 KHz for GSM. These relatively narrow signal bandwidths could be easily accommodated by the analysis hardware. Newer CDMA signals vary from 1.25 to 6 MHz, and broadband data systems continue to use broader bandwidths to achieve higher data rates. Earlier models of the VSA had analysis bandwidths of 4 5 MHz, whereas current models have approximately 80 MHz. The upper limit on signal analysis bandwidth is constantly improving.
Computing Aggregates
current song.
THE ROLE AND POSITION OF XRS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY TXRF. It is several orders (8 12) of magnitude higher in brightness compared to X-ray tubes, has a natural collimation in the vertical plane and is linearly polarised in the plane of the orbit of the high energy (GeV) electron or positrons. The spectral distribution is continuous, so by proper monochromatisation, the performance of selective excitation at best conditions is possible. SR offers a signi cant reduction in TXRF detection limits and a remarkable improvement has been achieved over the past 20 years from nanogram level in 1975 to attogram level in 1998. Until recently, evolution of XRF into the microanalytical eld was hampered because of the dif culties involved in focusing a divergent X-ray beam from an X-ray tube into a spot of small dimensions. However, the development of SR sources and the recent advances in X-ray focusing have changed the situation. Contemporary microXRF applications started only some 10 years ago on a signi cant scale, and it appears today to be one of the best microprobe methods for inorganic analysis of various materials: it operates at ambient pressure and, in contrast to PIXE and EMPA, no charging occurs. In many instances, no sample preparation is necessary. The eld of microXRF is currently subject to a signi cant evolution in instrumentation: lead-glass capillaries and polycapillary X-ray lenses, air-cooled micro-focus X-ray tubes, compact ED detector systems with a good resolution even at a high-count rate and no longer requiring liquid-nitrogen cooling. Commercial laboratory instrumentation using capillary optics combined with rapid scanning and compositional mapping capability is expected to grow, and various systems are commercially available. During the 1980s, SR facilities around the world began to implement X-ray microbeam capabilities on their beam lines for localised elemental analysis. Recent trends in SR micro-XRF are towards optimisation of optics and smaller beam sizes down to the submicrometer size. With respect to the general applications of XRS, it appears that environmental, geological, biological and archaeological applications make up a stunning 70 % contribution to the literature;
What does this mean to someone in the laboratory checking out a circuit The presence of a ferrite bead in the ground lead, while improving probe response to the intended signal, increases the probe s response significantly to unwanted signals. For instance, a person touching an object across the room and generating an ESD event will cause the measurement to include a glitch due to the ESD event that is much larger than it would otherwise be. One might interpret the glitch as being a potential problem within a PCB layout when in fact it is not.
Understanding Control Panel Applets
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