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The value of capacitor C is much higher than the values of C and Ccs, that is, C >> C . C >> Ccs . (12.47) (12.48)
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The FormatDateTime function returns an expression formatted as a date or time. The FormatDateTime function has two arguments: Expression: The date expression to be formatted. NamedFormat: An optional numeric value that indicates the date or time format used. If value is omitted, the GeneralDate (see Table 86) format is used. Table 8-6: NameFormat Constants Constant DateFormat.GeneralDate Description Displays the date as a short date and time as a long time if they are present. Displays the date using the long date format as specified in the control panel's regional settings. Displays the date using the short date format as specified in the control panel's regional settings. Displays the time using the long time format as specified in the control panel's regional settings. Displays the time using the 24-hour format (hh:mm).
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caused the failure of the Intelsat commercial satellite, the Challenger disaster, and the Denver airport delay and cost overrun. Further analysis reveals that the main factors contributing to the nearly 85 percent dynamic range for most factors is the corresponding knowledge of and experience with the technique and the management level of the respondent. The perceived value of project management techniques diminishes at lower levels of the organization hierarchy (Figure 21.4). Fortunately, this trend can be reversed with proper training and positive experience with the techniques. In early applications of the survey, we administered it both before and after training without discussing the reasons for the survey. The results showed a positive attitude increase to 70 percent or higher for most techniques as a result of understanding the use and the application of the technique. This attitude improvement demonstrates the power of training and of being informed. It is important for project leaders to measure the attitudes of their team at project start-up by applying this survey. Armed with this knowledge, selectively seek to improve the understanding of the techniques that received low scores.
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speeds along your sale and circumvents a buyer s potential need to involve others, obtain more feedback, and so forth. There is no interpersonal conflict involved in what the buyer wants to do versus what you want to do. If a buyer s premeditated solution makes sense to you, you can include it in the options. If it doesn t, you can at least provide options so that the buyer isn t confronted with your idea that s better than his idea. (And you can always modify the buyer s options with the safeguards required within the context of these choices. The buyer tends to a larger commitment, since buyers are prone to escalate up the value chain, seeking greater benefit (even at greater investment).1 Very few buyers pass up a chance to save money, but virtually none pass up the chance to increase value. This technique focuses the buyer on the value propositions of the various alternatives, which is precisely where the scrutiny should be, and not on the resource commitments (charge back, people, time, etc.). No buyer asks for a larger alternative than the ones offered. If you don t ask, you don t get. Buyers believe they get what they pay for. I call this The Mercedes-Benz Syndrome. A highly expensive car (or watch, or vacation, or suit) must be good. In fact, the buyer will take pains to support how good it is, because his or her ego is involved. We took the high road here, and We ve made a major investment, and We re going to do this the right way are all phrases we hear from buyers who have made major investment decisions (and chosen more expensive options). If you think about it, options like these work every day. Travel agents offer us alternative vacation packages to the exact same destination; auto dealers suggest an array of options and features for the same
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In previous sections of this book, each RF component has been discussed separately. However, modern RF equipment usually combines many components on a single semiconductor substrate. These parts are called RF Integrated Circuits. RFICs are available that contain all of the required components of the RF transmitter and receiver on a single semiconductor chip. Because of the complex nature of generating, frequency shifting, amplifying, and detecting RF, more often the complete RF systems are made on two chips, using different semiconductor materials on each. For example, gallium arsenide is often used for the power ampli er and LNA on one chip and silicon germanium is used for the VCO, upconverter, mixer, and detector on a second chip. Because of ltering and shielding requirements, the semiconductor parts are often combined with the lters and shielding inside a module. Typical RFIC chip sizes are 4 4 1.5 mm high, and modules are typically 10 10 1.5 mm high. All wireless communications systems consist of the RF components, whose design and testing has been discussed in detail into the previous chapters of Part III, and the digital signal processing parts that will be discussed in Part IV. Sometimes for relatively simple RF communications systems, all of the RF and digital circuits can be combined on a single chip. The semiconductor material then has to be silicon. The resulting performance will be poorer than if the optimum materials were used, but the total system will be signi cantly smaller and less expensive. These systems are called System-On a Chip (SOC).
Every HTML element that can be displayed has margin, border, and padding properties. A margin is the distance between the element and other elements around it, while padding is the distance between the element s content and its border. You can manipulate one or more of these settings to produce a variety of effects that help offset an element.
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