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Figure 13.3-3. Conceptual view of physical channel bit processing for cdma2000w (RC 3 and above).
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Figure 6-20: A Notepad document with word wrap turned on.
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is de ned in Figure 2.2.2. Light from a planar undulator comprises a series of harmonic peaks. The wavelength of a peak is given by = u 2n 2 1+ K2 + 2 2
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LDAP was designed to promote interoperability among systems of various types and has gained enough support in the past couple of years to have finally achieved critical mass. We now believe that it is inevitable that LDAP will become the standard tool for distributing network information and data of many kinds within organizations and on the Internet. Not surprisingly, nearly every modern language now includes an LDAP API and, because the protocol is simple, the similarity from one to the next suggests that system administrators and programmers will come quickly up to speed on any of them. In addition, many different LDAP servers are available, both free and commercial. While the inclusion of the Sun ONE Directory Server (formerly iPlanet Directory Server) in Solaris 9 will undoubtedly make it the tool of choice for Solaris servers, the easy availability and configuration of servers for all platforms will promote the quick acceptance of LDAP for many types of corporate-wide information. Most, if not all, LDAP servers include some type of replication technology providing higher availability. While, the transition may be slow, the direction is clear. Its hierarchical nature may be less flexible than relational stores, but generally reflects the nature of information within an organization. The hierarchical nature of LDAP also facilitates the delegation of responsibility for portions of the overall directory structure. In short, LDAP is:
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Private Messaging
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140000 120000 100000 Total counts 80000 60000 40000 20000 0 0 100 200 Zn Fe Ni
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It is best practice to set up the toolbars for each document type so that they take up the same amount of space for example, two rows on top and one column to the right. This way, changing between document types is not so jarring, with the graphics area resizing for each change.
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which is similar to expression (12.55). Should the Miller effect be considered, the voltage gain can be translated from expression (12.89) as Av, CS = vo rR = ( gm + gmb ) o d vi ro + Rd 1 1 + j Cout ro Rd ro + Rd . (12.304)
You can specify tasks (to-do items) in the Windows Calendar and then use the application to remind you of deadlines that need to be met or steps that need to be taken. For example, you can mark the priority level of a task so that you know which item needs to be completed first, or you can use Vista s reminder feature to send yourself an alert when you need to begin working on a particular item. To create a task
principles I teach. In fact, if you can understand and learn this single point, you will have mastered a major lesson in writing good advertising copy. Never sell a product or service. Always sell a concept. What do I mean by concept There are many words that mean the same thing. One day, for example, the hot buzzword in advertising might be positioning. A product is positioned or placed in such a way as to appeal to the consumer. Other terms commonly used are Big Idea, or USP (unique selling proposition), maybe even gimmick. Whatever it s called, it means basically the same thing. You sell the sizzle and not the steak the concept and not the product. The only exception to this rule is when the product is so unique or new that the product itself becomes the concept. Take the digital watch for example. When the watches rst came out, I could hardly keep them in stock. When I rst announced them, my main thrust was to explain the various features, which were all new, and then just take orders. But as the digital watches became plentiful and everybody understood what they did and how they worked, each ad had to differentiate the features of the watch through a unique concept. For example, the world s thinnest digital watch or one with a built-in alarm or one with the most expensive band, or the one with the nest quality, or even one that required a laser beam in its manufacturing process all were different concepts. Concepts started selling watches; the product was no longer the concept. Another example is the Pocket CB. It had its concept right there in the headline. There were walkie-talkies and there were
cards and the photo les are being downloaded, I make it a point to take that time to wipe off the camera and any lenses that I used. I use a soft cloth to remove the surface dirt and grime so that over time it does not build up and work its way into the camera body.
The following sections assume you are con guring the server manually rather than using the wizard, or you are ne-tuning settings after running the wizard.
Peripheral Vision: Understanding and Configuring Other Hardware
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