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Suppressing a sketch relation means that the relation is turned off and not used to compute the position of sketch entities. Suppressed relations are generally used in conjunction with configurations.
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The Sun Fire Servers
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In order to nd the optimum equalizer weights, we can directly solve Eq. (16.17). However, this requires on the order of (2K + 1)3 complex operations. To ease the computational burden, iterative algorithms have been developed. The quality of an iterative algorithm is described by the following criteria: Convergence rate: how many iterations are required to closely approximate the nal result It is usually assumed that the channel does not change during the iteration period. However, if an algorithm converges too slowly, it will never reach a stable state the channel has changed before the algorithm has converged.
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Of course, the legitimacy of taking the derivative under the integral sign in (3.41) must be checked in each particular case. If M has a density m, it may be more convenient to write (3.49) as
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There is no remainder at the fourth step, and so the fifth Mersenne number is indeed prime. If there had been a remainder, it would have been composite. For readers who have a computer: is the 13th Mersenne number, 8191, prime or composite
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carriers (LECs) provided service on a regional basis, in LATAs. A typical LEC owned a number of adjacent predivestiture local networks. Competition for local service was allowed but was slow in developing because of high entry barriers. The latest development is that IXCs and LECs are allowed to provide both local and long-distance service. In addition, new wireline, cable, and wireless companies can provide competing telephone service. All that has resulted in mergers between LECs, IXCs, cable companies, and wireless companies. 1.1.4 Synonyms
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Part I
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Figure 15-39: The currently playing song appears at the bottom left of the Media Center
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Print Preview displays a preview of what is to be printed. It allows you to zoom, but only with three limited zoom-scale options. These zoom options do not apply to printing, only to previewing. The Print button within the preview window takes you to the Print dialog box, where you can select settings and printers.
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Bing s image search is so good, in fact, that Google simply copied it in a 2010 update to its own image search functionality, Google Images.
structure, data transmission rates, and the types and number of channels (and subchannels) that constitute the forward and reverse traf c channels for that call.
You ll note that the backup script also rewinds and ejects the tape, and then sends an e-mail reminder to the sysadmin to put the next backup tape in the drive. There could be a problem if the backup is not completed successfully for example, if it runs out of tape before dumping all the files. The script will hang, waiting for someone to insert another tape, the e-mail will never arrive, and it may take the sysadmin a while to notice that anything is wrong. One of the authors once ran into a case where a system being backed up to the same cartridge tape every night had been running out of tape every night for more than three months. By the time the disk crashed, the backup was practically useless, and several months of grad student data went with it. Verifying the successful completion of backups is as critical a step as initiating them.
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An average assembly of 100 parts is likely to have almost 300 individual mates. If you create these parts one at a time, taking perhaps a minute for each mate, you would spend five hours just applying mates. Any time that you can save applying mates is a benefit to you assuming you still get the correct results because it is time that you can spend doing something else. In this section, you will learn efficient mating strategies, as well as speedy techniques.
Restricting a user to any particular computer becomes impractical. Terminal Services sessions are impossible to manage, and you have a hard time managing computers for roaming users and task-oriented staff. Therefore, the user s identi cation to the network, or logon ID, and the workstation s identi cation on the network are merged to provide the change-control blanket that lters rights and privileges, thus controlling the user on the computer that he uses. This power is not only a boon with security and change control, but it is also the main player in the functionality of IntelliMirror having the user s desktop follow him to any PC, local or remote. After you have determined that you need change management and control, you also need enforcement. In other words, you create the change-control body, provide policy to carry out the whims of the change-control board, and enforce change control at all levels of the enterprise through GP (and other mechanisms that you nd and customize to suit your environment).
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