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As you might expect of a Windows Live application, Windows Live Photo Gallery offers unique integration points with other Windows Live online services, especially Windows Live Photos, Microsoft s photo-sharing service. Perhaps more impressive, it also offers some integration with non-Microsoft online services. It s time to examine this integration. We previously discussed that Windows Live Photo Gallery allows you to log on to your Windows Live ID account using a handy Sign in link in the upper-right corner of the application. This is entirely optional (as are the other Windows Live integration features), but if you do use a Windows Live ID, you might find it convenient to automatically log on each time you use Windows Live Photo Gallery. Doing so will give you access to the other services with which this application integrates, meaning you won t have to manually log on later. Most of the integration points are accessible via the Publish toolbar button. From here, you can publish photos online in the following ways:
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instantiate a class into an object, you can use the object within your application code to reference properties and methods. To instantiate an object in PHP code, you use the following format:
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8.2.1 Impulse Sounder
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Gaming on Windows Vista Ultimate
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Understanding DNS Architecture
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Key Service Unit Key Telephone System Key Telephone Unit lambda Long, Loran Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Latin-American and Caribbean Network Information Center Local Area Network Local Area Network Emulation Link Access Procedure Balanced Link Access Procedure Data channel Link Access Procedure Frame mode services light ampli cation by stimulated emission of radiation Local Access and Transport Area Logical Channel Identi er Least Cost Routing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Low-Delay Code-Excited Linear Prediction Label Distribution Protocol LAN Emulation Client, Local Exchange Carrier LAN Emulation Client Server Light-Emitting Diode Low-Earth Orbiting Label Edge Router LAN Emulation Server Low Frequency Low-Frequency Enhancement Length Indication Local Internet Registry Logical Link Control, Limited Liability Corporation Liar, Liar Pants On Fire, Your Nose Is Longer Than A Telephone Wire Local Loop Unbundling Local Multipoint Distribution Service Local Management Interface Local Number Portability Local Number Portability Administration Line OverHead Line Of Sight Linear Predictive Coding Longitudinal Redundancy Check Local Routing Number Least Signi cant Bit Label Switched Router LeTteRs
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Keeping Windows Vista Secure
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Now it's time to test the DictionaryBase collection. Add a button named Button1 to Form1, and then switch to Code View and add the code in bold from Listing 11-6. Listing 11-6: Testing the AirplaneCollection Class
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S12 (a) The various powers, voltage reflection coefficients, and S parameters in a two-port block bs a1 S21 b2
Tangency. Surfaces are tangent across an edge, but have different radius of curvature on either side of the edge (non-curvature continuous). This condition exists when stripes line up across an edge, but the stripe is not tangent across the edge. Curvature continuity. Surfaces on either side of an edge are tangent and match in radius of curvature. Zebra Stripes are smooth and tangent across the edge.
Round Corners
Table 24-2:
by watching and copying arrangement. Such knowledge is referred to as tacit knowledge (Polyani, 1966). When tacit knowledge is dif cult to make explicit (codify), we need to nd new ways of transmitting the knowledge through an organization. Failure to do so can lead to loss of expertise when people leave, failure to bene t from the experience of others, needless duplication of a learning process, and so on. One way in which a system such as OntoShare can encourage the sharing of tacit knowledge is by using its knowledge of the users within a community of practice to put people who would bene t from sharing their (tacit) knowledge in touch with one another automatically. One important way we gain new insights into problems is through weak ties , or informal contacts with other people (Granovetter, 1974, 1982). Everyone is connected to other people in social networks, made up of stronger or weaker ties. Stronger ties occur between close friends or parts of an organization where contact is maintained constantly. Weak ties are those contacts typi ed by a friend of a friend contact, where a relationship is far more casual. Studies have shown that valuable knowledge is gathered through these weak ties, even over an anonymous medium such as electronic mail and that weak ties are crucial to the ow of knowledge through large organizations. People and projects connected to others through weak ties are more likely to succeed than those not (Constant et al., 1996; Hansen, 1997). User pro les can be used by the OntoShare system to enable people to nd other users with similar interests. The user can request OntoShare to show them a list of people with similar interests to themselves. OntoShare then compares their pro le with that of every user in the store and a list of names of users whose interests closely match their own. Each name is represented as a hypertext link which when clicked initiates an email message to the named user. Recall that pro les in OntoShare are a set of phrases and thus the vector space model can be used to measure the similarity between two users. A threshold can then be used to determine which users are of suf cient similarity to be deemed to match . This notion is extended to allow a user to view a set of users who are interested in a given document. OntoShare determines which members of the community match the relevant document above a predetermined threshold gure and presents back to the user a list of user names. As before, these names are presented as hypertext links, allowing the user to initiate an email message to any or all of the users who match the document. Figure 10.4 shows typical output from this process. In addition, as already mentioned, a user can carry out a keyword search on other users and thus identify users with an interest in a particular subject. In this way, OntoShare, while not claiming to actually capture tacit knowl-
and try to start conversations with passers-by that, it is hoped, will lead to the folks on the street being so convinced that they sign up immediately to become regular monthly donors to the charity through standing order or funds transfer. Face-to-face fundraising rst saw the light of day in Vienna, in 1996, in the of ces of Greenpeace. Daryl Upsall worked at Greenpeace International headquarters at the time and recalls how it came about: In 1993, we sent George Smith and Ken Burnett, two of the profession s most recognized experts, out around the world to look at fundraising.We knew we had a challenge. Greenpeace had become Graypeace our average donor age was over 55, our global income was in decline, and we needed to do something radical. At the time, 18 percent of our income was coming through regular monthly giving, and the idea we had was to move the whole organization into monthly direct debit around the world. But we needed a tool to do it. The answer came from Austria, of all places, in June 1995. Jasna Sonne from Greenpeace Austria and a local company called Dialog Direct were having lunch at a restaurant in Vienna, and they had the idea that it would be great to
Understanding the Role of Links and Linking
Figure 4.2.16 Schematic diagram of (a) the curved grid GPSC and (b) the masked-photosensor GPSC (Figure 2 from Conde et al.33 and Figure 4 from Veloso et al.,34 respectively). Reproduced by permission of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
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