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It is important to refer to the information on the Recording Information display and not the actual levers on the camera.
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The Extrude interface
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Getting Started with Windows Vista Ultimate
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4D: Where does the symmetry come from We deduce the result by this calculation: since a
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Beginning with Presentation Fundamentals
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Exploded views enable you to display an assembly taken apart so that you can see all of the parts. They are great for assembly documentation, assembly instructions, and for visualizing assemblies with concealed internal parts. I have included exploded views in the assembly configurations chapter because, like Display States, exploded views are found in the ConfigurationManager under the configuration. Each config can have multiple exploded views, and you can copy exploded views between configurations. When you are creating the exploded view of the top-level assembly, and a subassembly already has one, you can include the subassembly s exploded view in the top-level exploded view. While you are creating exploded views, mates are temporarily suspended. To initiate a new exploded view, switch to the ConfigurationManager, RMB click a configuration name, and select New Exploded View, as shown in Figure 14.13. Figure 14.13 also shows the Explode PropertyManager interface. This interface includes a helpful How-To section at the top to give you a hint of where to start. If you are creating assembly instructions or an animation from the exploded view (using Animator or the RMB options, Animate Explode, or Animate Collapse), then you may need to be more careful about how the parts are exploded. You can create explode lines that show how the parts go back together.
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The following sections describe these options so that you can choose the proper deployment model for Web Services that you have built in Visual Studio. Deployment using a Web Setup Project Visual Studio provides a Web Setup Project template that uses the services of the Microsoft Windows Installer technology to create a deployment package for your Web Service. A Web Setup Project creates an .msi file (also called an installation package) that creates and configures a virtual directory on the Web server, copies the files required to execute the Web Service to the virtual directory, and registers any additional assemblies needed by the Web Service. One of the advantages of using a Web Setup Project is that the installation package automatically handles any registration and configuration issues that your Web Service may depend upon, relieving you of this burden. In general, the basic steps required to deploy a Web Service using the Web Setup Project method are as follows: 1. Create a Web Setup Project using the Web Setup Project template in Visual Studio. 2. Build the project. 3. Copy the installation package to the target Web server. 4. Run the installation package on the target Web server. Note You must have administrative privileges on the target Web server computer in order to successfully install the Web Service using the installation package. To teach you the basic steps necessary to deploy a Web Service using the Visual Studio Web Setup Project method, you will create an installation package for the CTemp Web Service you built in 47. To create the installation package, follow these steps: 1. Start Visual Studio. 2. Open the CTemp Web Service solution file. 3. If you intend to deploy your Web Service to a production-quality Web server, make sure that you have built a release-quality version of your Web Service using the Release configuration. For more information about build configurations, refer to the "About Note Project Configurations" section in 47. 4. Choose Add Project from the File menu, and then choose New Project from the submenu. Visual Studio displays the Add New Project dialog box, as shown in Figure 48-1.
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3. Discrete Signal Representations
ICbus control
Acceptance testing, 160, 372 Accountability, 68, 161, 184. See also Authority Acquisition, 94 95 Acquisition cycle, 30 Acquisition Preparation Phase, 93 Actual cost of work performed (ACWP), 306 Aerospace industry, 382 Affinity diagram, 427 Agile Alliance, 4 5, 15, 352, 405 Agility, 15 16, 114, 140, 352 354, 378 Aircraft turnaround project, WBS, 220 222 Allen, Judd, 38 39 Allocated requirements, 151 152 American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (ASAPM), 15 Amusement park exhibits/rides, project cycle for (Figure 7.3), 88 Analysis (verification method), 367 Analytical hierarchy process (AHP), 427 Analytical style, 335 Anomalies, 114 115, 370, 379 380 Anscombe s quartet (Figure 16.9a), 302 Architecture Vee. See Vee Model, Architecture Aronstein, David, 382 Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM), 211 Artifacts: automatically generated electronic documentation, 353 configuration management process improvement template, 395 controlling, 267, 268 lessons learned as, 42 roles, 120 121, 359 360 Aspects of the project cycle, 99 102. See also Project cycle (one of five essentials) budget, 30, 31, 99, 101 102, 115 116 business, 30 31, 99 101, 115 116 as layers, 30 technical: development tactics, 116 119 modeling, 104 108 periods and, 99 systems engineering and, 102 104 technology insertion, 119 120 Assembly (in system decomposition), 109 Attitudes/biases, 51 53, 73 Attributes/competencies, 182 183 Augustine s Law, 269 Authority. See also Accountability; Responsibility: conf lict in, 194 control, 256 project manager, 46 47, 183 184, 187 189 project team, 184 Barrett, Craig, 340 Baseline(s): budget, 268 chain of requirements, 141 142 change control, 267 defined, 427 Eight Phase Estimating Process: Baseline Estimate Phase, 417 418 Environment Baseline Phase, 417 elaboration: artifact role, 360 hierarchical /nonhierarchical (Figure 19.14), 353 management, 120 121 technical, 428 (see also Technical aspect of project cycle) Bath Iron Works in Maine, 157 158 Behavior: diagrams, 66, 164 leader (Figure 18.3), 328 personal, and communication styles, 51 relationship, 328 requirements, 151 152 task, 328 team, 25 Bennis, Warren, 54, 320 Berlin, Irving, 381 Berlo, David (SMCR Model), 49, 50, 51 Best practices, 12, 387, 428 Better, faster, cheaper (BFC), 127, 384 Better as enemy of good enough, 114
Figure 23-1: You use the Visual Studio .NET Server Explorer to manipulate Database Objects and remoter Servers directly from the Visual Studio .NET IDE. Figure 23-2: You use the Data Link Properties dialog box to add connections to the Server Explorer. Figure 23-3: The Visual Studio .NET database table designer allows you to manipulate the structure of database tables from directly within the IDE. Figure 23-4: The Visual Studio .NET query builder provides you with a number of tools to graphically construct SQL queries and views. Figure 23-5: The query analyzer in Visual Studio .NET automatically groups SQL statements into logical blocks that can be edited independently by using tools such as the query builder. Figure 23-6: To add non-visual components, you drag them into the Visual Studio .NET Component Designer shown here. Figure 23-7: Visual Studio .NET Component Designer with two non-visual components.
Figure 26-4: The BitLocker Drive Encryption control panel can manage both BitLocker and BitLocker To Go.
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One problem with Linux is that if the root mount point hard drive becomes full, the system will be unable to boot. To prevent this from happening, many Linux administrators create a separate partition for the /home mount point, where user files are normally stored.
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