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It seems every agency or industry professional that I ve worked with has a different name for it: the main banner ; the home promo box ; the big thingy there. The most recent term I hear is broadcast area the foremost promotional unit of the site. It s typically a highly visual block that contains some text to describe the core principle of the site or to show the most important promotion. This is what s going to catch the visitors attention when they arrive, so it needs to be engaging. There s nothing more engaging than a good photograph, so you ll go to the web and grab one. There are a variety of terrific sources of professional, royalty-free artwork: iStockphoto (www.istockphoto.com), Can Stock Photo (www.canstockphoto.com),
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You can tweak permissions in this way for every file and every user. Permissions are a powerful way to customize sharing for your convenience and security. When I click OK, VistaUltimateBible will be on the list in the permissions view, just beneath Everyone, as shown in Figure 12.26. Because I happen to be VistaUltimateBible, I want full control over this folder. I click the Full Control check box under Allow. Now, Everyone has read-only access, but I have full access.
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Part V
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Part III
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15.1 GENERAL REMARKS This chapter is not intended as an introduction to a theory of Bayesian robustness. Rather, it discusses a number of robustness issues that are brought into focus and shown in a different light by the Bayesian approach. Many of these issues concern philosophical aspects. In some of them, convergence is in sight. For example, a central question is how to formalize subjective uncertainties in the probability models themselves: should this be done through higher level probabilities (parametric supermodels) or through uncertainty ranges This has been a persistent philosophical bone of contention between Bayesians and non-Bayesians. Interestingly, also Bayesians now seem to have reached the conclusion that, in some cases, a formalization through uncertainty ranges is preferable, see Berger s credo quoted below. But, in addition, there are also technical issues of considerable interest. The term robust was introduced into statistics by the Bayesian George Box (1953). Yet, Bayesian statistics afterwards lagged behind with assimilating the concept and developing a robustness theory of its own. While there is now a large
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address even with users on different SIP servers. The Ekiga SIP server will forward SIP calls to the remote server and accept calls from remote SIP servers. You can make and receive SIP calls at no cost with your Ekiga account. Softphone-to-Real Phone: Place calls to regular telephone numbers using your Ekiga Softphone. You must register a separate account at the Ekiga website and pay any relevant charges you accrue for your calls. Real Phone-to-Softphone: Receive calls from regular telephones using a phone number you purchase from Ekiga. The phone number can be located in any country! When the number receives an incoming call, Ekiga will route the call to your SIP connection. Text messaging: Send instant messages to any SIP address on any SIP server via the Chat window in the Ekiga Softphone.
The services supported by the U.S. version of ISUP are largely similar to those of ITU-T ISUP. They include call forwarding and all services that require the transfer of the calling party number to the terminating exchange. Not included are user-to-user signaling for ISDN users and closed user group (CUG) service. However, U.S. ISUP supports CUG on international transit calls. For example, if an international switching center (ISC) on the West Coast receives an IAM for a trunk from Japan (Fig. 11.9-1), the call destination is in the United Kingdom, and the IAM includes a Par.11 and Par.19 (closed user group interlock code and optional forward call indicators), these parameters are included in the IAMs for the trunks in the United States and the IAM for the outgoing international trunk. Some services and procedures provided in the United States, but not in other countries, are outlined next. 11.9.2 Business Group Services
requirements If the drive meets ReadyBoost requirements, then the Autoplay dialog box (which appears when you attach the drive) will offer you the option of utilizing ReadyBoost. Or, if you right-click the attached drive s icon and click the Properties tab, you can tell whether the device is capable of supporting ReadyBoost.
The Top Panel
FIGURE 21.31 Creating a Detail view
The in-place upgrade is a true upgrade installation, whereby you can save your current applications, files, and Windows settings. They are simply transferred from the old version of Windows to Vista. The clean install upgrade means that you are essentially wiping your hard drive and performing a fresh installation. If you use this installation type, you must first perform a backup of your files and un-earth your installation CDs before going forward. If you don t perform a backup, you can kiss those files goodbye! Table 2.2 shows your upgrade availability to various editions of Vista from supported earlier versions of Windows. For example, if you are currently running Windows XP Professional, you can only upgrade to a high-end edition of Windows Vista. Ironically, Windows XP Home lets you perform an in-place installation to any edition. Of course, some operating systems, like Windows 2000, require a clean install regardless of which edition of Vista to which you plan upgrading.
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