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Automating Drawings: The Basics
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Figure 29.6 Data signals.
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Now consider the case that the MS and the MSC have authentication capability (Section 12.6.7), and possibly voice privacy capability (Section 12.6.8). Figure 19.2-2 assumes that CMN-1 is the home network of MS, and that MS intends to register at MSC-B, in network CMN-2.
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The short-time Fourier transform of a discrete-time signal x(n) is obtained by replacing the integration in (7.1) by a summation. It is then givenby [4, 119, 321 Fz(m,ejw) C x ( n )r*(n m ~e-jwn. = ) (7.34)
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Full control Create Computer objects
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Applying Mates
Figure 16.8 Representation of tapped delay line channel (a), transition probabilities (b), and transmitted and received signals (c).
Fig. 8.20
Before you can subscribe to an online calendar, you need to find one. There are several online calendar resources that you can peruse. One of the best is Apple s iCal Library ( ) because Apple was one of the first major software companies to embrace the iCal standard. Apple s site includes professional sports schedules, worldwide holidays, movie openings, and much more. Another excellent resource is iCalShare (, which lists even more calendars to which you can subscribe, in a bewildering list of categories. Using either site, or a similar resource, you can browse different calendars until you find one to which you d like to subscribe. Say you re a Boston Red Sox fan. (I know, who isn t ) If you search for Red Sox on iCalShare, you ll see a number of calendars devoted to the schedule of Boston s major league baseball team. You might think that you could subscribe to one of these calendars simply by downloading it. Unfortunately, it s not that simple. Instead, you must jump through some hoops. 1. Right-click the link to an online calendar and copy its Web address or URL into the clipboard. 2. Switch to Windows Live Calendar and click the Subscribe button in the toolbar. 3. In the Import or subscribe to a calendar display, paste the URL for the calendar into the Calendar URL text box. 4. Pick a Calendar name and color and click Subscribe to Calendar. Windows Live Calendar will connect to the URL, discover details about the calendar, and subscribe. When that process is complete, you ll receive a message stating that the subscription was successful. 5. Click Done to finish.
Yes. Click the Slide Master thumbnail at the top of the left pane in Slide Master view. Click the Slide Master tab on the Ribbon and then click the Master Layout button. In the Master Layout dialog box, click the check box for the deleted changes to ) and then click OK. placeholder ( PowerPoint reinstates the placeholder.
FIGURE 18.18 Saving the library feature
Exposure button, or Custom button on the LCD when pressed. When this setting is set to Quick Navigation, no matter what button is pressed, the LCD displays the Quick Navigation screen.
Styles before the 2009 release were called Favorites. The file type for note favorites was *.sldnotefvt. If you run across any of these legacy file types, you will at least know what they are. When loading styles, the Open dialog will see and use both the new file type and the legacy file type.
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Technology now allows us to do things we could not even have dreamt about 10 years ago. Technorati s
The part shown in Figure 7.16 is on the CD-ROM with the filename 7 Bottle.sldprt. n
he List pane has a number of responsibilities in Windows Media Player 11. In addition to its normal duties as a sort of concierge for WMP and your multimedia files, it also has a number of additional features that helps you make sure your List pane is nice and neat. From the Now Playing menu in the List pane, you can clear the contents of your list. Also, having outdated files in your playlist is not uncommon. For example, you may have deleted some multimedia files, but they re still in the playlist; now, from the List pane, you can tell WMP how to handle such instances by either skipping over the missing files or having it ask you to remove them. You can also sort the content of your playlists or even save it. All in all, a very busy pane!
One of the great upgrades you can perform if you run Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP is to add a monitor to your PC for a multiple-monitor setup. All these operating systems can support up to nine (!) monitors, so you can set up a virtual Mission Control in your home office (and get a tan from the radiation at the same time). The procedure for installing multiple monitors on a typical PC with on-board video is the same as that for adding a new video adapter, discussed earlier in the chapter, with one major exception: You must configure the operating system to use the new monitor. In Windows, that s done on the Settings tab of the Display Control Panel. When you power up your PC after adding a second video adapter and monitor, the Settings tab should show both displays (see Figure 6.8), but you will probably have to check the box labeled Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor before you ll be able to use it. A few flies can land in the ointment. First and most common, you may discover that the adapter you want to use for your secondary monitor (that is, not the one that shows PC startup messages) doesn t work in that capacity. Many adapters can function only as primary adapters in a multi-monitor setup; the adapter manufacturer should be able to provide this detail. A second issue you may encounter is that if you re combining motherboard video and add-in video, not all motherboards let you use the integrated video adapter at all. That is, the BIOS detects the add-in adapter, and automatically disables the motherboard display controller. You may or may not be able to work around this problem via the BIOS setup program; you ll have to consult your PC s manual for help here, or call a support tech.
Making the Interface Work for You
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