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NFS overview
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Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook, By Ray Horak Copyright 2007 Ray Horak
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You must start the MySQL server script as the special mysql system user account, and you must use the ampersand symbol (&) at the end to ensure that the MySQL server runs as a background process rather than tying up your command-line session. 3. Connect to the MySQL server as the root user without a password. Now that MySQL isn t using the default user tables, you can connect to the server without using a password:
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Knowing When to Stop
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This situation is similar to what it must have been like being one of the first automobile owners 100 years ago. Back then, you had to have extensive technical knowledge about the vehicle in order to use and maintain it. Today, that market has evolved and matured such that most car owners simply use their vehicles without needing to understand how they work. Computing, too, must mature in the same fashion, and it must do so while meeting the ever-increasing needs of a mobile and interconnected user base. With Live Mesh, Microsoft seeks to bridge the gap between all the currently disconnected devices, computers, and Web services now used. And though a Web-based desktop sits conceptually on the Live Mesh ring, you use the Web as a hub of sorts for authentication and connections. Naturally, Microsoft utilizes Windows Live ID for this purpose. This provides individual users with a way to collect the list of computers and devices they re using, of course, but it also provides the infrastructure for sharing between users. If you want to do something very simple, such as provide a way for others you trust to access the contents of a shared folder, Live Mesh makes it both possible and seamless. Live Mesh, alas, is an evolving platform, and much about it will change between the writing and reading of these words. That said, Live Mesh offers two basic features today: document synchronization and remote desktop access. They re worth exploring briefly.
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Working with Part Configurations
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option and the Scan for and Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors option. This ensures that all functionality errors and unusable sectors of the selected drive are corrected during the ScanDisk process.
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1 [301] L. Godara, Applications of antenna arrays to mobile communications, part 1 : Beamforming and direction-of-arrival considerations, Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 85, pp. 1193-1245, Aug 1997.
The term domain in DNS is unrelated to the concept of a Windows network domain or domain controllers that function to authenticate users in the domain, not offer name services.
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Two-wire trunks are similar to subscriber lines and have similar attenuation characteristics. This limits the trunk length to about 10 miles. 1.4.4 Four-Wire Analog Trunks
Draft analysis
In the ConfigurationManager, configs are listed alphabetically, not in the order in which they are created. This has several advantages, especially when you have a large number of configs. For example, if configs are named by size in a part that you are working with, then when you select a configuration, you can type in a number, and the selection scrolls to that place in the list of configs. This makes it easier to select the one you are looking for, much the same as it works in Windows Explorer.
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