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Avoiding spyware
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GetForm (Public Instance Method)
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Relaying, Multi-Hop, and Cooperative Communications
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94 Part II Creating Great Photos with the Sony Alpha A700
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20 25 30 Omega (degrees)
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Be sure to use the IP address of your Ubuntu server in the URL. The first phpMyAdmin tool web page prompts you for a MySQL userID and password to log into the server, as shown in Figure 21-6. Log in with the root user account, using the password you assigned to it during the Ubuntu server installation. The main phpMyAdmin tool web page showing the databases and the various options available in the tool appear, as shown in Figure 21-7
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You can find the dice.rb file on the website for this book: www.wileydevreference.com.
I NTRODUCTION In this chapter, we discuss the Domain Name System (DNS) namespace and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) naming conventions used in Active Directory. The following specific topics are covered:
The PC video card The monitor
6.24 At times, focusing on a group of owers instead of an individual can make for a pleasing photograph. These sun owers were sitting in a bucket at a ower stand. The umbrella over the ower stand acted as a great diffuser. Taken at ISO 200, f/3.5, 1/80.
Part IV Enterprise Data Management
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