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Controlling dimensions
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6.4.2 Generating Semantic Structures
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At an input RF power of 220 dBm, the S/N is not a problem, but the intermodulation products are. Note that they should be 20 dB below the fundamental RF power; but as the ORR3 shows, they are only 18 dB below.
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You may expect that with the training assembly, there is an extra burden of file management with Smart Components. This may seem counterintuitive, but in fact, the only file that you need to worry about is the Smart Component itself. This is not explained very well (or at all) in any of the documentation, but the Help and every reseller demonstration that I have seen on the topic all recommend that you simply delete the training assembly once you are done with it because it is not needed any more. This seems like saying that you should delete all the mates in an assembly or the sketch relations in a part. How do you edit the Smart Component if you delete the assembly in which it is created It turns out that all of the information to re-create the training assembly is stored in the Smart Component itself. This includes the in-context feature (which is stored as a library feature), and the locations of any associated components, as well as the configurator table. Figure 19.15 shows a part of the FeatureManager of a Smart Component. As you can see, the in-context feature, the associated components, and the face references are all listed there.
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Figure 40-4: Cookieless session state The URL in the browser's address box now contains the session ID right in the middle: http://localhost/webapplication1/(xyagtprlnvlzna451wmlmsr0)/ WebForm2.aspx UserName=William%20Evjen&Occupation=Programmer Since you set the web.config file to perform cookieless sessions- it gave the user a session ID of (xyagtprlnvlzna451wmlmsr0). ASP.NET uses this to identify the user on any subsequent pages in the application. The drawback is that the user could change the contents of his session- thus destroying the session.
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14. Using the Display/Delete Relations tool, delete all the Equal relations that you just added to the part (it may be faster to select Undo from the File menu or press Ctrl+Z). 15. Draw a vertical construction line from the part Origin to the point where the four lines meet, and assign this line an AlongY relation. Notice that the point drags much more smoothly. This is a good reason for using simpler relation schemes when possible. The four equal relations in this case that had to be solved simultaneously are now replaced by a single relation that is easier to solve when you drag the sketch. Apply a dimension of 80 inches to the new construction line. 16. Draw a new line from the point where the four lines come together AlongX in the positive X direction. Dimension this new line as 120 inches. The sketch should now look like Figure 31.24.
Styles before the 2009 release were called Favorites. The file type for note favorites was *.sldnotefvt. If you run across any of these legacy file types, you will at least know what they are. When loading styles, the Open dialog box will recognize and use both the new file type and the legacy file type. n
When a Windows user is added to SQL Server and then removed from the Windows domain, the user still exists in SQL Server but is considered orphaned. Being an orphaned user means even though the user has access to the SQL Server, he or she may not necessarily have access to the network and thus no access to the SQL Server box itself. The sp_validatelogins system stored procedure will locate all orphaned users and return their Windows NT security identifiers and login names. For the following code example, Joe was granted access to SQL Server and then removed from Windows:
Codecs (coders/decoders) accomplish the process of digitizing, or coding, the analog signal on the transmit side and decoding it on the receive end. The codecs also accomplish the process of data compression and decompression,
Implicit Endpoints
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