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Normal equalization works in two stages: a training phase and a detection phase. During the training phase, a known bit sequence is transmitted over the channel, and the distorted version at the RX is compared with a (locally generated) undistorted version; this in turn gives us information about the channel impulse response that is used for equalization (see Section 16.1.3 for a discussion of the pros and cons). In contrast, blind equalization exploits known statistical properties of the transmit signal to estimate both channel and data. Equalizer coef cients are adjusted in such a way that certain statistical properties of the equalizer output match known statistical properties of the transmit signal. The advantages of blind equalization include the following: The whole timeslot is used for determination of the impulse response, not just a short training sequence. Spectral ef ciency is improved, because no time is wasted on transmission of the training sequence. The following signal properties can be used for blind equalization: Constant envelope: for many signals (Frequency Shift Keying (FSK), Minimum Shift Keying (MSK), Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK)), the envelope (amplitude) is constant. Statistical properties: e.g., cyclostationarity. Finite symbol alphabet: only certain discrete values are valid points in the signal constellation diagram. Spectral correlation: signal spectra are correlated with shifted versions of themselves. A combination of these properties. Well-studied blind algorithms include (i) Constant Modulus Algorithm (CMA), (ii) blind MLSE , and (iii) algorithms based on higher order statistics. In the following, we will discuss these classes of algorithms.
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To load messages into Mail that have been stored in Outlook Express or another e-mail program:
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By default, the deluser command doesn t remove the home folder of the user. To do that, you need to add the --remove-home parameter:
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Managing Performance
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Wireless Communications
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Fixed Face
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into 512 sets, each consisting of a primary scrambling code and 15 secondary scrambling codes [359]. More specifically, the primary scrambling codes consist of scrambling codesn = 16 * i, where i = 0 , . .511. The i t h set of secondary scrambling codes consists of scrambling codes 16 * i k where k = 1 . . .15. There is a one-to-one mapping between each primary scrambling code and the associated 15 secondary scrambling codesin a set, such that the i t h primary scrambling code uniquelyidentifies the ith set of secondary scrambling codes. Hence, according to the above statement, scrambling codes k = 0 . . .8191 are used. Each of these codes is associated with a left alternative scrambling code and a right alternative scrambling code, that may be used the so-called compressed frames.Specifically, compressed frames for are shortened duration frames transmitted before a handover, order to create an inacright in tive period during which no useful data is transmitted. This allows the transceivers to carry out operations necessary for the handover to be successful. The left alternative scrambling code associated with scrambling code k is the scrambling code k 8192, while the corresponding right alternative scrambling code is scrambling code IC 16384. In compressed frames, the left alternative scrambling code is used, if n < SF12 and the right alternative scrambling code is used, if n 2 S F / 2 , where C c h , S F , n is the channelisation code used for non-compressed frames. The set of 512 primary scrambling codes is further divided into 64 scrambling code groups, each consisting of 8 primary scrambling codes. The j t h scrambling code group consists of primary scrambling codes16 * 8 * j 16 * k,where j = 0 . . . 6 3 and k = 0 . . .7. Each cell is allocated one and only one primary scrambling code. The primary CCPCH and primary CPICH are always transmitted using this primary scrambling code. The other downlink physical channels can spread and transmitted be with the aid of either the primary scrambling code or a secondary scrambling code from the set associated with the primary scrambling codeof the cell.
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The /etc/shadow File
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Installing Windows Vista: Dual booting with Windows
10. Click inside the exploded view, but not on any part geometry, and then select the Autoballoon tool from the Annotations toolbar. Toggle through the available options to see whether any of the possible autoballoon configurations meets your needs. If not, use the standard Balloon tool to select the part and place the balloon. This gives you more control over the attachment points and placement of the balloons. 11. Change the balloon for the short pin to be a circular split-line balloon (do this by clicking the balloon and then switching the style in the PropertyManager). Notice that the quantity appears in the bottom of the balloon. The drawing view and the BOM should now look like Figure 24.20.
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