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The correct way to remove in-context sketch relations is by using the Display/Delete Relations tool. You can sort the relations by selecting the Defined in Context option, as shown in Figure 16.14.
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Review each attribute s source (KeyColumns and NameColumn properties) and ordering. Make frequent use of the browser view to check the results. Organize dimensions with many hierarchies into folders.
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Part III Developing with SQL Server
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Figure 30-2: Selecting the adodb.dll as a .NET reference in a Visual Studio project
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Table 9-4: OpenFileDialog Class Properties and Methods Property Or Method ShowReadOnly Description Determines whether the dialog box displays a read-only check box. Determines whether the read-only check box is checked. Determines the types of files that will appear in the "Files of Type" box in the dialog box. Determines the index of the filter selected in the dialog box.
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23: Dimensioning and Tolerancing
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Switch to Full-Screen Mode: Display the image in Full-Screen mode. Switch to Slideshow Mode: Single-step through the images one at a time as a
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One way to install a group of patches is to do so in a for loop as shown here:
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2. Ground current flow from lightning resulting in cloud-to-ground coupling: Current flow enters the common ground impedance path of grounding networks, causing voltage differences across both its length and breadth. 3. A rapid change in voltage levels when a primary gap-type arrester operates to limit the primary voltage coupled through the capacitance of transformers: This voltage surge is in addition to that coupled into secondary circuits by normal transformer behavior. 4. A direct lightning strike to high-voltage primary circuits injects high current levels into primary circuits, producing voltages flowing either through the ground resistance, causing a change in ground potential, or through the surge impedance of primary conductors: A portion of this voltage will couple from the primary side of the transformer to the secondary side by capacitance, transformer behavior, or both. The results appear in low-voltage AC mains circuits. 5. A direct lightning strike to secondary circuits: Under this condition, very high levels of current and voltages may exceed the withstand capability of equipment and conventional surge protection devices rated for secondary circuit use. Surges that exist within power transmission lines, even unidirectional surges, can excite the natural resonance frequency of a system. Therefore, surges are typically oscillatory in nature and may have different amplitudes and waveforms at various locations along the power distribution line. These surges propagate as a voltage transient between phases or between phase (line) and neutral or ground. Transients can result in arc-over if transmission lines are physically located close to each other or to a grounded conductor within a system. Power distribution systems are expected to deliver a constant voltage and frequency. If the load impedances remain constant and the line is not exposed to externally induced electromagnetic fields, everything is balanced, which is often not the case. Residential and industrial facilities present different impedances that vary in magnitude and phase. Every time an item is switched on or off, transients are injected into the power lines in addition to natural phenomena such as lightning. It is these surges and phase shifting that cause systemwide failures. Telecommunication Equipment. From July 1, 2001, almost all newly supplied commercial and light industrial systems, including telecommunication equipment provided to Europe, must be declared to meet EMC standards that include surge testing. Telecommunication equipment uses a standardized lightning waveform, with typical peak levels of 2 kV from each line to ground and 1 kV from each line to each other line for AC power. Where cables can be longer than 10 m, they may also require surge tests with respect to ground, typically 1 kV peak [6]. Unfortunately, there is no coordination between the surge test levels required by the EMC immunity directive for Europe regarding overvoltage protection and exposures predicted by lightning standards. Equipment meeting the EMC directive s surge immunity standards cannot be used for all installations throughout Europe or
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Fig. 7.19 (Fig. 7.19). Notice that, since the difference between two distances can be taken in two ways, either D - d or d - D, as it were, we get two branches to the hyperbola, whereas the ellipse is one piece, because two numbers can only be added in one way. We immediately have an analogy: the distinct properties of addition and subtraction correspond to the two forms of the paths! We should not be surprised that the ellipse and the hyperbola occur as answers to analogous problems, because they were first defined by Greek mathematicians as slices of a circular cone, or rather, a double circular cone (see Fig. 5.4 on p. 118). A slice that misses one half of
And ing two integers is illustrated as follows:
coupled set of five partial-differential equations (Eqs. 2.26-2.30). In the absence of magnetic fields and with single device dimensions much smaller than the utilized electromagnetic wavelengths, the Poissona equation (Eq. 2.26) describes the electric potential D
7 Understanding Basic Query Flow
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If you are getting a computer that you hope will last three years or more, then you will probably want to get a 64-bit-compatible processor. The main reason to move to the 64-bit system is to increase the available RAM. If you are working with very large assemblies or drawings, and you have problems with SolidWorks, or even with Windows shutting down because the memory limits of the system are exceeded, you are a good candidate for a 64-bit system.
Be connected to the Internet when you play any noncommercially produced multimedia files, especially those files downloaded from the Internet. With the variety of digital movie formats that exist, Windows might need to download additional codecs in order to be able to play certain digital media. (Codecs refers to the encoding or decoding of digital streams, usually to facilitate transfer over the Internet.) Windows Media Player 11 actually does this automatically. You ll see an indication in the lower-left bar of the Windows Media Player that reads Acquiring codec. When the player successfully acquires the codec, you see the message codec acquired.
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