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FIGURE 31.25 The model after Step 22
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identity that identi es a mobile in that PLMN see Fig. 19.6-2. IMSI is an international number that uniquely identi es a mobile worldwide. In its home country, a MS can be uniquely identi ed by a national mobile station identity (NMSI): NMSI MNC-MSIN MSISDN, IMSI, and NMSI permanently identify a MS. In addition, the combination of a location area identity (LAI) and temporary mobile station identity (TMSI) identi es a MS during the time it is served by the VLR that covers the location area. The format of LAI is LAI MCC-MNC-LAC where MCC-MNC identi es a particular PLMN, and the local area code (LAC) represents a location in the PLMN. TMSI is a 32-bit binary number that identi es the MS while it is operating in a particular location area. Because of the multiple MS identities and numbering plans, GSM-MAP requires a number of operations that are not encountered in IS-MAP. 19.6.5 Information in SIM, HLR, VLR, EIR, and AUC
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The Diagnose and repair option has been very helpful to us in these early stages of Windows Vista pioneering. On occasion, it has been difficult to make the wireless connection work properly and this feature has tried to help in its own way. This feature opens the Windows Network Diagnostics window, which runs a number of behind-the-scenes tests (all you see is a progress bar) to sort out your Internet connection (see Figure 9.10). If Vista does find a problem, it attempts to fix it. In the event that it cannot or does not find a problem (and you maintain that one exists), you have the option of sending Microsoft a report. Though this is all very nice and well, you d first have to have an active Internet connection in order for you to submit the report to Microsoft, wouldn t you Perhaps they should provide a fax or phone support number in this window instead
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Using this type of interface enables the administrator to standardize custom properties values due to spelling or difference in interpretation. The Task Pane interface is easy to use and highly customizable. Notice that you can create regular custom properties or configure custom properties, and that option can be set independently for each property value entered using this interface.
Approximate solutions
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