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A faster way to complete the Detail view is to simply click the Detail View toolbar button without pre-selecting or pre-drawing the loop. This activates the Circle sketch tool immediately, which activates the view as soon as you bring the cursor over the view, so that when you draw the circle, it is sure to be in the view rather than on the sheet. Alternatively, you could swap the circle tool for an ellipse or spline; this works just as well, but offers more flexibility. Regardless of the sketch tool, when you close the loop, SolidWorks prompts you to place the view. The workflow for this in-line method is better than the old-school predrawn loop technique.
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ScrollAlwaysVisible (Public Instance Property)
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Tutorial: Gaining Experience with the Hole Wizard and Toolbox
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The Administrative Tools applet in the Control Panel serves as a container for various administrative tools, including the Computer Management MMC snap-in, the Services snap-in, Event Viewer, and others. Each of these tools is covered where appropriate in this chapter or in other chapters.
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26 Developing for SQL Server Everywhere
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An interesting by-produc~of the mainstream video coding applications and standards is the growing list of new and innovative applications for digital video. Some exarnples include the use of live video in computer games; video chat on a large bcale with multiple participants; video surveillance in increasingly hostile environments (such as in an oil well or inside the body of a patient); 3-D video conferencing; video conferencing for groups with special requirements (for example deaf users); and many others. Early experiences have taught designers of digital video app~ ica~ ~ that an application ons will only be sucGessfu1 if users find it to be a usable, useful iniproveinent over existing technology. In many cases the design o the user interfrtce is as impor~iitas, or more iinpo~~ant than, the efiiciency of a video coding algori~~in. Usabili~yi s a vital hut often overlooked requirement for any new video-based application.
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S. M. Leach, A. A.Agius, and S. R. Saunders, Theintelligentquadrifilarhelix antenna, IEE Proceedings of Microwave Antennas Propagation, pp. 219-223, June 2000. P. Petrus, R. B. Ertel, and J. H. Reed, Capacity Enhancement Using Adaptive Arrays in an AMPS System, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology,vol. 47, pp. 717727, August 1998.
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The columns of this matrix represent all possible Walsh Hadamard codewords of length 2; it is immediately obvious that the columns are orthogonal to each other. From the recursion equation we nd that H(2) is had 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H(2) = (18.22) had 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 The columns of this matrix are all possible codewords of duration four; again it is easy to show that they are all orthogonal to each other. Further iterations give additional codewords, each of which is twice as long as that of the preceding matrix. Orthogonal codes lead to perfect multiuser suppression at the receiver if the signal is transmitted over an Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) channel. Delay dispersion destroys the orthogonality of the codes. The receiver can then either accept the additional interference (described by an
Gets the method that threw the exception. When you are investigating classes for use in your application, you will notice that most of them have an exception class derived from the System.Exception class that describes the possible exceptions that can occur within this class. When you are working with File IO, there is the IOException class that contains exceptions for that class, such as FileNotFoundException or EndOfStreamException. When working with the System.Net classes for Web access, you have exceptions such as CookieException or WebException. The gist is that exceptions are built in, not an afterthought. When you create your own namespaces, you can create exception classes that notify users of exceptions that occur within your object. And the cool thing is the user of your classes can be writing in COBOL .NET, and the exceptions will be understood and handled by the framework correctly. Getting inside the runtime and understanding how it manages exceptions will help you understand why you are using Structured Exception Handling. You will see how to actually handle exceptions later in this chapter; this section gives you a background on what is happening on the inside The CLR creates an internal exception table with an array for every method in your application. This array contains information about what the runtime should do if an exception occurs in a method. If you have exception-handling code, it is called protected code. Each block of protected code has corresponding exception handlers or filters that
One of the greatest things about digital photography is the ability to get instant feedback on the image you just created. This changed the way that I photograph. I no longer had to wait to get back to the lab and develop the lm to see if the exposure was correct or not. Even though the A700 has a clean, crisp, 3-inch screen to view your photos on, the Histogram view is more important when determining if the camera has captured the exposure correctly. The A700 has a dedicated Histogram button that opens a display showing not only the histogram for the whole scene but the histograms for the red, green, and blue channels as well. The histogram is a basic bar graph that shows the amount of pixels that fall into each of the 256 shades from pure black to pure white. When you look at the histogram, the far left is black and the far right is white. One thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong histogram; it is just a representation of how the camera captured the scene.
The ability to simply stop AD DS is a new feature of Windows Server 2008. You can get to a console window quickly by clicking the Start menu, selecting Run, and typing cmd followed by Enter.
Radio systems are designed for a certain area of coverage, or footprint. Even early radio and TV broadcast systems used the concept to de ne a service area, such as a metropolitan area. Therefore, you could reuse the same frequencies to support service in metropolitan areas some distance away. For example, 98.1 (MHz) on your FM dial might be WXYZ in New York, New York, and KFRC in San Francisco, California. Similarly, Channel 7 on your TV might be WFAA in Dallas, Texas, and KIRO in Seattle, Washington; broadcast TV stations in the United States can reuse frequencies if separated by at least 150 miles [5]. The size of the cells, of course, is sensitive to frequency and power level as well as the height of the antennas, the topography, the time of day or night, solar activity, weather conditions, and other factors. Now, I want to digress to my youth. Actually, it is not a complete digression, as it illustrates the points I just made. Some of you may remember Robert ( Bob ) Weston Smith. Actually, you may remember him as Wolfman Jack, a famous rock n roll Disk Jockey (DJ) of the sixties generation and later a successful star in movies such as American Graf ti. (If you don t remember him, just ask your parents.) In any event, as a young man in the 1960s, I would drive hundreds of miles over country roads in Texas to see my girlfriend (which tells you something about the size of the Great State of Texas as well as my dif culty in nding a girlfriend). At 9:00 p.m. on Sunday nights, The Wolfman broadcasted from XERF, the AM radio station in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico, and he came through as clear as a bell to the little transistor radio that hung from the rearview mirror of my 1962 Volkswagen beetle. It was not much of a radio (I couldn t afford the kind that t in the dashboard), but it was a heck of a radio show and a heck of a radio station. XERF, you
Summary and Conclusions
Assignment of bitstreams to different antennas for horizontal BLAST and diversity BLAST.
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