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Figure 3.12 Plot of MOSFET differential pair for discussion of its transfer characteristics.
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Figure 37-7: Add new connections as needed to perform maintenance tasks. The features of the Reporting and Logging dialog box let you send the report to a file or your e-mail. The e-mail feature works quite well and saves you the time of searching for the file on the hard drive. However, the text file provides an archive that could prove helpful long after you ve deleted the e-mail from your inbox. Once you configure the reporting options, click OK and the maintenance plan will record its actions for you.
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pcred The pcred command prints the effective, real, and saved UID and GID of a running process. The command pcred 1234, as shown here, shows that process 1234 has UID of 111 and GID of 11:
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Images on your PC can come from many sources:
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You also use the cd command to move around from one directory to another; it stands for change directory. To get to the Windows folder from the c:\ prompt, for instance, type cd windows, and then press Enter. The prompt will now read C:\WINDOWS>, indicating that you are in the Windows folder on the C:\ drive.
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Figure 9.9 Energizing the new mouse.
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RealView techniques and usage are covered in more depth in 5.
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MS Initialization. UTRAN BSs are not synchronized, so they cannot use the phase offsets of a PN code (scrambling code) for BS separation. UTRAN systems must use different codes to identify different BSs. The pilot and the synchronization channels (SCH, CPICH) are used for cell acquisition, like in IS-95 and cdma2000, but in a different order and following a three-step process. The rst step is the acquisition of slot synchronization, done by detecting the primary synchronization code, a 256-chip code (the same for all BSs in a system) transmitted continuously at the beginning of every slot in the primary synchronization channel (Fig. 13.4-9). The second step is the acquisition of frame synchronization, done by detecting the secondary synchronization codes. From a pool of sixteen 256-chip codes, 64 code groups are obtained, each containing 15 of the 16 codes sequenced in a particular order. Each of the 64 secondary synchronization code groups maps into (identi es) a primary scrambling code group. A given secondary synchronization code group is repeated in every frame, with each code in the group transmitted sequentially at the beginning of each slot of the secondary synchronization channel
SpeedPaks are described in more detail in 12. A SpeedPak is a configuration that uses only selected faces and bodies to represent an entire subassembly, instead of opening all the parts in the assembly. In fact, a SpeedPak stores the geometry in the assembly file so it doesn t have to open any part files at all. Part of the reason I mention SpeedPak in the configuration chapter is that it is a form of configuration, essentially a derived configuration; another reason is that SpeedPaks are configurable. So you can have top-level assembly configurations that call on subassemblies to use their SpeedPaks. That can be of significant help with very large assembly performance.
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Each plug-in has its own settings panel, which enables you to completely customize your desktop experience. Figure 16-8 demonstrates this feature using the Window Preview plug-in.
Figure 8.7 shows the sampling grid of an analysis with three voices per octave. Sampling the wavelet transform can be further generalized by choosing the sampling grid
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