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does not provide the user interface, it supports text-oriented e-mail between any two devices that support Message-Handling Service (MHS). Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) is a SMTP extension that permits the attachment to textual e-mail of other types of les, including audio, graphics, and video. Thereby, compound mail can be transmitted across the Internet. SMTP is simpler than its predecessor, Mail Transfer Protocol (MTP). Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP supports the exchange of network management information between hosts, typically including one or more centralized network management consoles that manage larger numbers of network elements in real time. De ned in RFC 1157, SNMP operates over UDP, thereby avoiding the overhead associated with TCP. There are three versions: SNMPv1, v2, and v3. (Note: A host is a computer that runs an application program. Hosts include hand-held computers, such as PDAs, as well as more substantial machines, such as desktops, servers, and mainframes.) 13.7.3 The Quest for IP QoS
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As before, you can tap the Play icon to play an individual album (it s on the album art this time), or tap an album name to see individual songs (and read a review, as described shortly). The Songs list lists all of the songs by that artist that are on the device. As with the Albums list, a Marketplace link at the bottom of the list connects to the store online and adds Marketplace-based songs to the list as well. The usual caveats about Zune Pass apply here, too, of course. The Bio section provides a detailed biography of the band, culled from online music experts. So you can read about a favorite band as you listen to their music.
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Testing the Apache Server
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Part IV
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Maintaining Windows Vista Ultimate
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Basic Settings You Can t Overlook
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Personally, I like the Database Diagram tool, but some developers think it s clumsy in two areas. The major complaint is that the relationship lines connect the tables without pointing to the primary-key and foreign-key columns. This problem is compounded by another: the frustrating tendency of the lines to become pretzels when tables or lines are moved. Nonetheless, the Database Diagram tool is useful for viewing the schemas of very large databases. In this situation, primary tables often have dozens of connecting lines. If the lines were automatically linked to the primary key, the result would be an unreadable mess.
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