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Figure 13.5. Schematic illustration of the generic process ow for transfer printing solid objects (left) and the rate dependence of stamp adhesion (right). The printing strategy illustrated here relies on the relatively strong adhesion of rubber to solids at fast peel rates, v, and signi cantly weaker adhesion at slower rates. Er rate = Energy release rate. (Reprinted with permission from Ref. 40. Copyright 2006 Nature Publishing group.)
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Considering that the information eld can contain as many as 4096 octets of payload and that the control elds involve only 6 or 8 octets (8 at full payload), the SDLC frame can be as much as 99.8 percent ef cient, at least theoretically. There is some overhead in the information eld, of course, but even then the SDLC frame is 95 97 percent or so ef cient, which is remarkable. High-Level Data Link Control The ISO developed HDLC as a superset of IBM s SDLC and the U.S. National Bureau of Standards (NBS) (now National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST) Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures (ADCCP). A version of HDLC is the Link Access Procedure Balanced (LAP-B), which is used in packet-switched networks conforming to the ITU-T X.25 Recommendation. While HDLC was built on SDLC and is very similar, the two generally are not compatible, depending on the framing conventions in the speci c HDLC implementation. 6.4 NETWORK ARCHITECTURES
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For each media type (except podcasts), you have three options: 33 All: If you select All, the Zune PC software will attempt to sync every single item of the chosen media type with your phone. But unless you have a tiny media library, or a particularly voluminous amount of storage on your phone, you may want to avoid this choice. 33 Items I choose: If you select this option, no content will be automatically copied to the device. However, you can later browse through your collection and then drag and drop media items between the collection and your phone, the latter of which appears as a small dark icon in the lower left corner of the application window. (Don t worry, you ll get a look at this behavior more closely in just a bit.)
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Microsoft Zune
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N OT E Because Solaris 9 is packaged on a set of two CDs (or one DVD), you
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17: Ruby on Rails
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Command-Line Tools
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Figure 50-1: The Visual Studio New Project dialog box. Figure 50-2: ASP.NET Web application skeleton in Visual Studio. Figure 50-3: Finding local Web Services by using the Add Web Reference dialog box. Figure 50-4: CTemp Web Service discovery by using the Add Web Reference dialog box. Figure 50-5: Web Service references in the Solution Explorer window of Visual Studio. Figure 50-6: Visual Studio ListItem Collection Editor dialog box. Figure 50-7: Arrangement of user interface controls on the Web Form. Figure 50-8: Web Form code view in Visual Studio.
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It is noteworthy that when an MS changes the number of used subcarriers, it keeps the powerspectral density, not the total power , constant.
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Whether your video card is PCI or AGP What connectors your video card and monitor use (VGA or DVI)
Windows 7 includes a faster way to access this information if you re not already using Games Explorer. Just right-click an empty spot on the Windows desktop and choose Screen Resolution from the pop-up menu that appears.
33 Picture origin: There s also a secret area on the screen which you can tap to find out the origin for today s Bing picture of the day. To see this information, just tap the lower right corner of the screen. Bing will provide a pop-up that shows the title of the picture and to which photo archive it belongs.
Tutorial: Importing and Repairing Solid Geometry
ntil fairly recently, Ruby was a very obscure language with little exposure outside of Japan, the home of its creator. In fact, were it not for the development of the Rails web application framework, it s probably fair to say that you would have never heard of Ruby. It s very fortunate for everyone that Rails came along though; Ruby is a beautiful language, and as I hope you discover, it s a delight to write in. In this chapter, I m going to introduce you to standard Ruby, touching on the same topics that I covered with the other languages in this book. Once you have some understanding of how the Ruby language works, you ll see how its unique features are put to work in the construction of the Rails framework. While JavaScript and PHP are very similar, you ll find that you have to slightly adjust your thinking to appreciate Ruby. The chief difference lies in the purpose of each language. While JavaScript and PHP were developed explicitly for web applications, Ruby was designed to be a general-purpose scripting language. While it borrows many features from C, Ruby features a pure object-oriented design. You may have heard of object-oriented programming (OOP), which I distinguish from procedural programming (the kind that you ve been doing up to now). In Ruby, every variable is an object, and they contain all the methods that can be used on them. Let s practice using Ruby. In Mac OS X, Ruby 1.8 comes installed and ready to use. Open Terminal and then type the command irb; this is the interactive Ruby shell, with the >> prompt to start your programming:
The code in Listing 16.4 is available for download at n
Working with Assemblies
Substituting No from (18.59) into (18.92), we have Neq = NF Ni. (18.93)
Express does have some limitations: a maximum database size limit of 4 GB, only one CPU socket (when will AMD ship a 16-core CPU ), and 1 GB of RAM. At this time, Reporting Services is not available with SQL Express, but Microsoft has committed to including RS with SQL Express in the future.
Film growth in the SILAR technique proceeds by alternate immersion of the substrate in the cation and anion precursor solutions, with intermediate rinsing of the substrate. Thus, one growth cycle consists of four steps, as described in Fig. 8.1. In the rst step, the substrate is immersed in the cation solution and the ions of the precursor solution are adsorbed onto the surface of the substrate. There is an oxide layer on the surface of most substrate materials, including metal oxide substrates and glass or silicon. This oxide layer and the surface anion layer in metal sulphides is effectively negatively charged in a water solution with pH above 2.8 Upon immersion in the cation solution, a double layer is formed where cations form an inner layer and the anions of the cation precursor provide a charge-balancing outer layer. In the following step, the substrate is rinsed with puri ed water so that only the immobile double layer, which is tightly stuck on the surface, remains on the substrate surface. In the next reaction step, the substrate is immersed in the anion precursor solution.
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