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Table 8.2
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Then it is convenient to discuss the quantitative large sample robustness of T in terms of the behavior of its asymptotic bias T ( F )- T ( F 0 )and asymptotic variance A ( F ,T) in some neighborhood P,(Fo) of the model distribution Fo. For instance, PEmight be a Le vy neighborhood,
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orm follows function. . . . has been misunderstood, architect Frank Lloyd Wright once remarked. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union. If Wright is right, then nowhere is this axiom more appropriate in the Web world than in building forms. Forms, after all, are perhaps the most functionoriented feature of any Web site: They aren t designed to be sexy; they re designed to collect data so much so that they typically conjure up images of accountants, not artists or designers. In this chapter, I focus on makeovers that improve both the function and the appearance of your Web forms. I start out by showing how to make your forms smarter by both validating the data input by your site visitors and customizing the tab order of your form. From there, I concentrate on the look of the form itself. As I do so, I explore how to use CSS to transform a generic form into something that complements your site s look and feel. Finally, I wrap up the chapter by showing you how to replace the standard HTML buttons with graphical buttons you make yourself in Photoshop.
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Create a new file in your text editor and then type in the following code:
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Figure 10.11(c) Two ways to pull the original impedance P3 in region 3 to the center of a Smith chart, O, by addition of two passive parts.
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PARABOLIC COMPOUND REFRACTIVE X-RAY LENSES The tomographic set of data collected complements the 3D transmission tomography, electron microscopy and IR data, allowing a rich image of the grain to be obtained and to characterize in detail its morphology and structure nondestructively, prior to the other analyses which require sample preparation and possibly alteration of the grain. This study is part of a benchmark62 to establish the feasibility of such detailed analyses on Martian meteorites in the quarantine phase through the walls of a mini-P4 sample holder. Reconstruction In this work the samples were exclusively imaged using our modi ed version32,63 of the algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) as described by Kak and Slaney.59 This technique requires several simpli cations and assumptions to reduce the complexity of the problem and the required calculation time. The sample is divided into a series of voxels (volume pixels) of width and height equal to the beam size. The following approximations are made throughout the calculation: The scattering from sample and surrounding air is neglected, as well as enhancement effects due to secondary/ternary uorescence or to Compton-excited uorescence. The correction for the nite horizontal size (respectively vertical for horizontal scans) of the beam is not applied, i.e. the sample is considered
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For the cover-your-assets crowd, Windows Mail provides return receipts and blind carbon copies (also known as bcc) to help you make your way through the dog-eat-dog corporate world. Windows Mail return receipts are automatically generated when the message is read by the recipient. This can be useful if you are under the gun to deliver a report and want to confirm whether it was received in time. There are two ways to request read receipts. First, in an e-mail you are about to send, click Tools and then Request Read Receipt (see Figure 9.26). Your message will generate a receipt when it is read or marked as read, which is not necessarily the same thing. Some e-mail applications let you disable or ignore the sending of a receipt.
( N 2 H 5 )4 Sn 2 X 6 4N 2 H 4 + 2H 2 X + 2SnX 2 ( X = S, Se)
2 = p
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