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We like to refer to jobs that do not print as being blocked. Blocked jobs arrive at the queues and just sit there, or they time-out with an error. Most calls to a support or help desk are complaints about jobs that have spooled to the logical printer but are not emerging from the physical printer. If a job is sitting in the queue and not indicating an error, a mismatched document may be trapped by the printing service. Mismatch problems are easily corrected, as shown earlier. Jobs that throw an error indicate they were unable to print to the physical printer. If the job can t print and an error is reported, take the following steps to correct the problem: 1. Check the port assigned to the logical printer. If the port is an IP address, ping it. If you get a reply from the port, you have connectivity to the network components involved in the printing process. In other words, jobs can get to the server and the server can see the port, or at least the print monitor can. (If you are some distance away from the print server, open a terminal session to the server and ping the port from the session.) If the IP address is correct and you get a reply from the port, you can check the IP port off your list. If the port is a parallel or serial cable connected directly to the server, you need to perform speci c diagnostics there as well.
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TABLE 6.3-2 V5.1 versus V5.2 Supported Function Analog lines ISDN basic access (2B D) ISDN primary rate access (30B D) ISDN H-Channels Leased lines Fixed bearer (voice) channel assignment to lines Dynamic bearer (voice) channel assignment to lines (statistical multiplexing) Protection switching (backup of C-channels) Number of digital links supported by one V5 interface V5.1 Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No 1 V5.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 16
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Figure 15-6: The standard GNOME Print dialog box.
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EXEC sp_droplinkedsrvlogin @rmtsrvname = XPS\SQLExpress , @locallogin = NOLI\Paul ;
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The vim Editor
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Problem 9B
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Ethernet Switch
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While Windows 7 is an excellent solution for standalone PCs, you must look to additional tools if you want to manage multiple PCs on your home network from a central location. Microsoft offers such a solution in Windows Home Server, which is typically obtained with new home server hardware but can also be purchased separately. Windows Home Server provides four basic services: centralized PC backup and restore, centralized PC and server health monitoring, document and media sharing, and remote access. The combination of Windows 7 and Windows Home Server provides a comprehensive management suite suitable for any home network.
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BSC 3. 4. 5. 1. 5.
Put your indexable content as early as possible in the source code. Put heavy JavaScript and CSS code in external files. Include spider-friendly navigation.
Figure 10.15 shows the PropertyManager for design tables. After you have created the table, you can edit the table settings by right-clicking the table and then selecting Edit Feature. Edit Feature enables you to edit the settings for the table only; it does not enable you to edit values within the table.
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