You can get light trails in two ways: the rst is to have the camera steady and the lights move, and the second is to have the lights be steady and the camera move. The key to both techniques is longer-than-usual shutter speeds. Using your camera to create light trails is surprisingly easy. Just zoom in or out when the shutter is open. Having the camera on a tripod helps during the long shutter speeds. Figure 6.37 is an example of this type of light trail.
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chaPtEr 8 Browsing the Web
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(b) At fo, two tank circuits are in resonant state and coupled by LC in series
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Formatting Tables with Groups
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due to one aspect of human nature. Understand this aspect and not only do you hold the key to creating a successful direct response ad, but you will also understand clearly why some products just plain don t sell. The key to successfully marketing certain products lies in the nature of that product and the way that product is viewed in the marketplace. The guiding principle can be summed up very clearly: Always sell the cure and avoid selling prevention. Now what does this mean Let me explain. If you were my prospect and I tried to sell you a magic pill that contained an extract of carrots and various tinctures of leafy vegetables because it would help prevent cancer, chances are it would be a dif cult sale. However, if you suddenly discovered you had cancer and I said to you that I had a magic pill that would cure the disease, you would be not only willing to try it, but willing to pay considerably more. In the rst instance, you might be willing to pay $20 a bottle to prevent the disease but in the other you might be willing to pay $1,000 if it would cure the disease. Human Nature at Play The preceding is an extreme example. But let s take something less extreme. You re a traveling salesperson and stay at hotels a lot. Somebody tries to sell you a spray that you put on your feet before you go to sleep to prevent athlete s foot, which might come from walking on a oor that hasn t been cleaned thoroughly. You ignore the sales message because you rarely get athlete s foot, and besides, it s a bother to use. The next week you get athlete s foot and you re at the corner pharmacy trying to nd the strongest thing they ve got to cure it. The two situations illustrate two general principles. The rst: It is human nature to think you re never going to get the dis193
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characteristics, which is a function of salicide/Si interface roughness, silicide thickness, and the underlying junction dcpth (referred to as "deep xj"). The deep xj needs to be scaled as technology progresses simply because the spacer thickness also needs to be scaled and it is necessary that the lateral diffusion of the deep xj not to cover the S/D extensions. On the other hand, the silicide thickness pretty much is fixed to maintain the same sheet resistance (e.g., < 7 Q/square) for both gate and S/D regions. This means it is almost inevitable to run into the diode leakage problem in the future if we continue to scale the current device structure (i.e., salicide right after the S/D annealing). Figure 10.20 illustrates this problem for a conventional device structure. Therefore, alternative device structures need to be studied before the issue becomes very serious. In the following sections, we discuss a few promising alternative device structures (raised source-drain, selective metal, and selective salicide) to achieve low-resistances gate and S/D regions without diode-leakage concerns. The raised source/drain (R/SD) structure is made by using selective epitaxialsilicon growth (SEG) to "raise" up the source/drain regions. 55-58 The poly gate may or may not have the selective silicon deposited, depending on whether the gate is exposed or covered during the selective silicon deposition. Figure 10.21a shows a schematic diagram of the raised Source,T)rain transistor with gate exposed during the SEG step. The reason that diode leakage can be improved is simply because the SEG can separate the salicide/Si interface and the underlying junction depth, without increasing the effective junction depth (meaning the xj measured from the channel). Figure 10.21b shows the diode leakage characteristics (for both diode bottom wall and edge leakage) for a n + diode (As-only junction). The conventional CoSi2 (10nm Co, low-temperature annealed, without R/SD) case has high diode
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For the best performance and SEO (search engine optimization) benefit, try to include the get_sidebar() tag after your main content Loop. WordPress renders HTML in a straight-down fashion and, on slow network connections, you want the main content the stuff people came to read, and probably the most important for your site to render first. If the page load takes too long due to images or JavaScript widgets you might put in your sidebar, readers might not be patient enough to wait for the page to fully load to read the content. Putting your content first is also a good way to emphasize the meat of your page to search engines. n
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# mount dragonfly:/export/home/ftp /ftp nfs mount: dragonfly: : RPC: Program not registered nfs mount: retrying: /ftp
MOSFET transistor D G (gm2+gmb2)vsg2 1/(gm2+gmb2
Under the Hood: Tweaking Windows Vista Ultimate
FIGURE 32.34 Creating a skyline rib
Figure 2.3 The VirtualBox mounted disk image
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