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8. Close the Device Manager window by clicking the X in the upper-right corner of the screen. You are returned to the Hardware and Sound menu.
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The XSD schema
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5: Extending WordPress with Plugins
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Figure 1.10. Example of fully integrated battery and electronics. [Figure courtesy of Thin Battery Technologies, Inc. Used with permission.]
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Reverse Address Resolution Procotol (RARP) The protocol on TCP/IP networks used to map physical to IP (network) addresses. rlogin A Telnet-like service that uses ~/.rhosts files and the file /etc/hosts .equiv in the authentication process. Rock Ridge file system Extension of the High Sierra format that allows contents of a CD-ROM to look and act like a Unix file system. root file system The file system that contains files that describe the system. root name servers With respect to DNS, the servers responsible for the root-level domain (.). root user The superuser on Unix systems. Root is the privileged account and can generally do anything. router A system that makes routing decisions. routing The process of determining how to get packets from source to destination on a network or the Internet and getting them there. run level The state in which a system is running, corresponding to the running processes and determined by the contents of the /etc/rc .d directories. Also called run state. run states The processing states of Unix systems, such as single-user and multiuser, that control how the system may be used and what processes are running. runnable process A process that is ready to run. In other words, it is not waiting for any resources other than the CPU. SAC See Service Access Control. SAN Storage area network. scalability The ability of a service to make efficient use of expanded resources. screen lock A utility that locks a screen, requiring entry of the locking user s password to unlock it. screensaver A utility that keeps a moving image on a screen or darkens it to prevent image from being burned into the display. secondary server With respect to DNS, an authoritative server that obtains its information from a primary, using zone transfers. Secure Shell (SSH) The de facto standard for encrypted terminal connections. Replaces Telnet in security-conscious organizations. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) A protocol providing an encrypted and authenticated communications stream. seek A disk read operation that positions the read head at a certain location within a file. segmentation fault An error that occurs when a process tries to access some portion of memory that is restricted or does not exist. sendmail The primary mail exchange program on Unix systems.
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FIGURE 14.8 The relationship between the Resolved, Lightweight, Hidden, and Suppressed states
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You can restore individual files or your entire computer, if you have backed up your entire computer in the past. Restoring your data is as simple as backing it up. Open the Backup and Restore Center (Start Control Panel System and Maintenance Backup and Restore Center). In the bottom half of the window, choose whether to restore the entire computer or only files and click the appropriate button. You ll rarely need to restore an entire PC unless the hard drive completely gave out.
Ig-Vg behaviors for an n-MOS: (a) stressed to create interface (Vg = Vd/2); (b) stressed to create hot-hole-generated electron traps (Vg = Vd/5+
Portrait mode Auto Program Auto Aperture Priority mode Shutter Priority mode Manual mode Memory Recall mode Night View/Night Portrait mode
The tar command works from the directory in which it is invoked and incorporates the directory structure from that point of view in the archives it creates. For example, the archive created with the preceding command would contain files with the following structure:
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Fig. 10.1
Part II
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