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Composition has some basic rules, but think of these more as guidelines. These rules are to help you compose pleasing-looking photographs, but sometimes breaking the rules is just ne. Once you know what the rules are, you can break them as often as you like.
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where Lmax is the maximum value of the minimum gate length. A worst-case inspection of the required overdesign factor adds up the tolerances on the load capacitor, the gate length, the clock skew, or the clock duty-cycle variation, the mobility as a function of temperature and the power supply. Table 11.5 compares large, medium, and small tolerances with respect to nominal conditions for power, temperature, and device parameters. Because the power per transition is the well-known relation power = (Cload+ Cgate)V2D, it is obvious that the increase in Cgate to a 2-7 times larger value due to tolerances is a major power problem in both analog and digital designs. This argument plays a role in the specification of both the system and the IC.
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12.6.2 The IS-54 System The digital channels of IS-54 use differential quaternary phase-shift keying (DQPSK), in which the phase of a signal with frequency fc is changed 24,300 times per second. Each phase change has one of four values that represent the values of two consecutive bits. The bit rate in the channel is thus 48.6 kb/s. The power spectrum of the digital signal ts within 30 kHz, which is also the bandwidth of AMPS channels. TDMA Traf c Channels. The 48.6-kb/s bit stream on the digital channels is divided into frames of 1994 bits (Fig. 12.6-1). The frame duration is 40 ms, giving a repetition rate of 25 frames/s. Each frame is time-divided into six 6.67-ms time slots. Communications between the mobiles and a base station occur in TDMA bursts, during predetermined time slots of each frame. At present, the TDMA traf c channels are full-rate, using two time slots in each frame (slots 1 and 4, or 2 and 5, or 3 and 6). A digital channel thus accommodates three full-rate TDMA traf c channels. Half-rate traf c channels, using only one time slot, are under development. A time slot has 260 bits of digital speech (or other user information). The user information rate on full-rate channels is thus 13 kb/s. The A/D and D/A converters
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Although Java technology is relatively new to the programming world, it has already matured into a full-blown programming environment. There are three types of Java programming platforms to choose from:
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Figure 13.1. In the Control Panel, the System page lets you view basic information about your computer.
The Permissions window appears.
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