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Part VII: Looking at the WordPress Ecosystem
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Figure 30-2: Testing the Apache web server.
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shadow mask and aperture grille. Many so-called flat-screen displays use the aperture grille technique, but it results in two very fine, faint horizontal lines appearing on the screen (you can see them most easily against a white background).
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Web Design
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Matching the partition size and retention between the relational database and Analysis Services is a simple and effective approach. As the number of rows imported each day grows, smaller partition sizes (e.g., week or day) may be required to expedite initial processing. As long as the aggregation design is consistent across partitions, Analysis Services will allow smaller partitions to be merged, keeping the overall count at a manageable level.
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FIGURE 26.9 Shelling locally
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anything that has a re ective surface, dust carefully. I use a can of compressed air to blow the dust off any re ective surface between shots. Just remember not to aim the compressed air back toward the camera.
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f you re used to Windows XP or any previous version of Windows, you know by now that Windows Vista Ultimate (or any version of Vista, for that matter) has changed dramatically from these earlier versions. Although all kinds of things are going on in the background that you can t see, the most striking alterations to the Windows meme are the changes in the interface. In 7, I talked at length about Windows Vista s Aero interface. It s a sexy new way to view the amazing operating system, complete with transparencies, a new taskbar style, and other features. Aero isn t the only new sensation when it comes to the Windows Vista interface. Microsoft has added, updated, or changed a large number of other features, including the Start Menu, the search features, the incredible array of default folders for your various files, the desktop (complete with the brand-new Sidebar), and more. The Start Menu s design, for example, though it echoes the XP Start Menu, is easier to use and puts all the games and applications installed in your computer at your fingertips. The menu is familiar enough to be natural, but its redesign is aimed at making it even more useful. The Sidebar brings applets little applications right to your desktop where they re the most useful. It s customizable and comes with a number of useful gadgets, and even more are available via the Internet. Windows Vista keeps track of all of your files, and even the contents of many of them, and stores them in its own little database to make searching incredibly fast and useful. The Search function, if you haven t already noticed, is universal: It s everywhere, it lets you search almost anything, and the results are nearly instantaneous.
A methodology for developing serverside code databases Enforcing complex data validation Implementing complex custom referential integrity Enforcing custom rowlevel security Creating a data-audit trail Handling complex transactions Logically deleting and archiving old data
A pn-CCD works on a different principle (Figure 4.1.10) from the previously described MOSbased devices (Figure 4.1.9), resulting in some rather interesting properties. While in MOS-based devices minority carriers are collected, these devices use the majority carriers, which are produced in the completely depleted and therefore also radiation-sensitive bulk material. The working principles can be explained from the silicon drift chamber. The possibility of using the drift-detector principle for the CCD has been mentioned already in the rst publication by its inventors.5 Looking at the sideward depletion structure (Figure 4.1.7) we notice that the electron potential valley can be moved towards the top surface by biasing the lower diode negatively with respect to the top diode. Applying to the strips a periodically varying potential rather than a continuously rising one, the valley will be structured in depth. The lower diode may be formed as a single large-area
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Windows Server 2008 and SANs
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