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MoldflowXpress uses the same concept as COSMOSXpress in that a limited version of the high-end software is bundled into SolidWorks, but it applies to software that predicts moldability of plastic parts, rather than to stress analysis. Also in keeping with the other software, MoldflowXpress is very easy to use, contains a wizard to guide you, and requires no real mold expertise to run. Although the software is easy to run, in order for you to be able to interpret the results, you have to know a little bit about what you are doing. The two Xpress products do not automatically solve all of your problems regarding FEA and Moldflow analysis. While the wizard interfaces remove most of the expert-level knowledge that is needed to navigate it, setting up the problem and interpreting the results do require some background knowledge.
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n Display 2nd Outside Arrow (Radial): According to SolidWorks Help, this option works with radial dimensions. However, it is for diameter dimensions, and does nothing for radial dimensions. Enabling the option turns on the second arrow, as shown in Figure B.68.
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Sports Photography
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Short-channel effects are 2D effects where the channel potential is no longer determined solely by the applied gate electric field in the direction normal to the Si/SiO 2 interface, but affected also by the proximity of the source-drain junctions and source-drain potentials. It is often desirable to have a characteristic length whereby one can compare the effective channel lengths to quantify the short-channel behavior. This characteristic length delineates long-channel device behavior from short-channel device behavior. This concept of the characteristic length, which was
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Figure 34.3 Probability of overflow and average shortfall, by tank level.
Figure 4-25: The Privacy tab.
where p is an arbitrary function, $(x;0) = ( a / a Q ) p ( zd ) , is called an M-estimate ; [or maximum likelihood type estimate; note that the choice p ( x ; Q ) = - log f(z; 0) gives the ordinary ML estimate]. We are particularly interested in location estimates
The second method is to set the color for driven dimensions to black rather than gray. You find this color setting by choosing Tools Options Color Dimensions Non-Imported (Driven).
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