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Multiplication in the Time Domain. We consider the signal
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Part 5: Programming in Ubuntu
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Enabling checkpoint restart allows a package to restart without rerunning tasks that already completed successfully. Note the following basic rules about restart points: Only Control Flow tasks define restart points a Data Flow task is viewed as a single unit of work regardless of the number of components it contains. Any transaction in progress is rolled back on failure, so the restart point must retreat to the beginning of the transaction. Thus, if the entire package executes as a single transaction, it will always restart at the beginning of the package. Any loop containers are started over from the beginning of the current loop. The configuration used on restart is saved in the checkpoint file and not the current configuration file. Enable checkpoints by setting the package properties: CheckpointFilename: Name of the file to save checkpoint information in. CheckpointUsage: Set to either IfExists (starts at the beginning of the package if no file, or at the restart point if the checkpoint file exists) or Always (fails if the checkpoint file does not exist). SaveCheckPoints: Set to True. In addition, the FailPackageOnFailure property must be set to True for the package and every task or container that can act as a restart point.
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A loft is what is known as an interpolated feature. That means that you can create profiles for the feature at certain points, and the software will interpolate the shape between the profiles. You can use additional controls with loft, such as guide curves or centerlines, and establish end conditions to help direct the shape. A loft with just two profiles is a straight line transition. If you have more than two profiles, the transition from one profile to another works more like a spline. Many users struggle when faced with the option to create a loft or a sweep. Some overlap exists between the two features, but as you gain some experience, it becomes easier to choose between them. Generally, if you can create the cross-section of the feature by manipulating the dimensions of a single sketch, a sweep might be the best feature. If the cross-section changes character or severely changes shape, a loft may be best. If you need a very definite shape at both ends and/or in
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Let us rst consider the situation where basis pulses are rectangular pulses, g(t) = gR (t, TS ). Then we can give an interpretation of QPSK as either a phase modulation or as a PAM. We rst de ne two sequences of pulses (see Figure 11.11): b1i g(t iTS ) = b1i g(t) p1D (t) = i= (11.42) p2D (t) = b2i g(t iTS ) = b2i g(t)
EXEC pSecurity_Assign @ContactCode = 120, @LocationCode = W, @SecurityLevel = 2 EXEC pSecurity_Fetch @ContactCode = 120
Port 2 15 W
Managed By tab
It is best to copy and rename this document before continuing with the rest of the tutorial. Otherwise, you may encounter problems with the file references, from which it is difficult to recover.
How replication works
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