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Part VII: Working with Specialized Functionality
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Creating Drawings
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SolidWorks Basics
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Be aware that creating new layers leaves the last layer that you created active, as indicated by the yellow arrow in Figure 25.6. There is no way to set the active layer to None from the Layers dialog box; you have to do this using the drop-down list in the Layer toolbar. n
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Figure 28-1: A base wizard form from which to inherit One of the possible pitfalls of this inheritance approach is that controls that are added to a form have a scope of Friend, meaning that if the base form resides in a DLL, the inherited form does not have access to modify the controls. A situation in which this modification would be desirable is if the text of the buttons on the wizard needs to change based on the page displayed. One way to work around this problem is to modify the scope of the controls to be Public. However, you don't necessarily want to open up all the controls to modification such as this. The other option, however, is to OverLoad the Show method of the form. Listing 28-1, taken from the WizardExample project, demonstrates this technique. Listing 28-1: Overloaded Show Method
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Understanding Other Pattern Options
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the secondary bootblock (created during system installation or with the installboot command). At this point, you have barely withdrawn your fingers from the system s power button. The secondary bootblock then loads a standalone program into the system s memory and starts running it. When booting from a local disk, the standalone program is ufsboot. When booting off a network, inetboot is loaded. The standalone program loads the system kernel and starts the init process, which then takes over control of the booting process. init first reads the /etc/default/ init file to set up environment variables and determine which run state to assume. Figure 3.1 illustrates the boot process up to this point. The remainder of the boot process is described in 4. If you interrupt a system during normal booting (i.e., by entering the Stop-A or L1-A sequence), you will find yourself communicating with one of two programs. The most basic of these, which offers you a > prompt, is a very limited monitor program that listens to the keyboard and offers you the command choices shown here:
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When specifying network paths, it is best to specify a universal naming convention, or UNC, path rather than a mapped address. A UNC address follows the format, \\Server\Shared Folder. The advantage of the UNC over the mapped drive is that mapped drives do not always connect immediately, but the UNC should be able to find its link as long as the network is working. Also, mapped drives can vary from one computer to another, but the UNC is always the same.
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Hitman: Blood Money, a tense, tactical third-person game from Eidos, wasn t happy with Windows Vista at first, but after a short bout of experimentation I got it working. Hitman installed flawlessly, but it wasn t aware of the Games window. In fact, few games (other than, oddly enough, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas AO Version) are. I manually dragged the Start Menu icon into the Games folder and launched the game.
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Server: Msg 1205, Level 13, State 50, Line 1 Transaction (Process ID 51) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.
Double hold line fillet
Windows Server 2008 File Systems
interface states E
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FIGURE 4.14 Selecting an edge through model faces
Room correction
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