called Unified Architecture (UA). The UA works to reduce the CPU workload, which in turn increases performance by combining several stages of the 3D graphics pipeline into one. DirectX 10 is basically designed around the UA concept; by combining into a single stage the various APIs in DirectX with the graphics processing unit (GPU), less wear and tear occurs on the CPU, which in turn means higher performance. In the past, these units were each treated separately; this meant that a particular unit, or stage, might have to wait for another unit or stage to complete its process. As a result, performance was decreased and CPU workload was increased. The Unified Architecture concept within Microsoft DirectX 10 solves both of these issues. Of course, you don t necessarily have to have a unified GPU to use DirectX 10, even though it is preferable. This means that you can still use older techniques, such as those detailed earlier (for example, running separate units) and still remain compliant with DirectX 10 requirements. Nevertheless, the main idea behind the GPU and Unified Architecture is to make it into a true processor. This means not only rendering 3D graphics, but handling other gaming processes, such as animation. Working in tandem, DirectX and Unified Architecture turn your GPU into a true graphics and gaming powerhouse. Microsoft DirectX 10 uses the GPU as a central point of its architecture by maximizing its power. By using the GPU and video cards to their fullest potential, the CPU enjoys a lighter workload, leaving more power for more resource-intensive games.
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If you have just installed Toolbox the way that most, if not all, new users do, then you will accept all defaults and trust the software that you just purchased to not give you bad advice. In this situation, the database is installed locally and Toolbox is set to use configurations for sizes. When you put a Toolbox part into an assembly, you do not even notice anything other than the part going into the assembly, although it may hesitate while the large database is opened. If you check the part configurations, you may notice that there is a Default config and a new config that represents the size that you just created. Every new size that you create makes another new configuration. Figure 17.11 shows a Toolbox part with the FeatureManager and ConfigurationManager open, showing several configurations that Toolbox created in this particular fastener.
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The next tab is the View tab, shown in Figure 5.24. This tab has two sections: Folder Views and Advanced Settings. If you make any changes to the folder settings, including the settings under any folder s Views button, you can apply those changes to all the folders in the file system. For example, if you open the Computer folder, click Views, and then select Details, the folder s view will change to show you the details of the items within it. You can then tell Windows to apply this view to all of its folders through the Folder Views section of the Folder Options View tab. If you ve worked with the folder settings in Windows 9x, 2000, or XP, the Advanced Settings section will look hauntingly familiar. It contains a number of check box options and a few radio buttons. You can tell Windows Vista to show icons instead of thumbnails (mainly in media folders), to show hidden files and folders, to reveal the extensions of known files (which I find particularly handy), and so on.
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XLSim from Probilitech, is my own Monte Carlo simulation package for spreadsheets. It is less powerful than the others in this chapter, but as a result is easier to learn. This makes it ideal for teaching, building prototypes, and small applications. The latest
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Part VII
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in a wireless mode. The ash can be removed from the camera and in this way can be used to direct light.
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The question is, said Alice, whether you can make words mean so many different things. Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872
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Noise figure, (Simulated results) dB 3.15
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The last part I want to show in this watch over the shoulder demonstration is a part that I consider to be a complete loss. This is an IGES file that came from an Autodesk Mechanical product. In the CD-ROM, open the file called valve body.igs. This part takes several seconds to import. When it does import, it has 11 surface bodies, 2 of those with errors, and some obvious problems with a couple of faces that somehow became out of control. This is one of the reasons so many users do not recommend using IGES files. This type of error is more prevalent with IGES files than
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Example: Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
You con gure the NPS policy through the RRAS console. See the section titled Policy Server later in this section for detailed information on con guring and managing NPS policies.
3. Choose Fix Settings.
Note that i [ T ( z ) T ( - z ) ] is the z-transform of a sequence that only has non-zero even taps, while i [ T ( z )- T ( - z ) ] is the z-transform of a sequence that only has non-zero odd taps. Altogether we can saythat in order to satisfy (6.25), the system T ( z ) has to satisfy
To Network Analyzer
Veritas Cluster Server manages service groups composed of hardware resources such as disk drives and/or network interface cards, and software resources such as the Web server process (httpd) and/or file server process (nfsd). Administrators have the responsibility of defining service groups that are to be monitored and controlled by VCS so that the services within those service groups will have maximum availability. As an example, consider a system that provides a database service. In order to provide such a service, the system needs a network interface card (NIC), an IP address, a physical disk, a file system on the disk to contain data files, and database server software running. If this database service needs to fail over from one system to another, all the resources needed to provide this service must migrate from the failed system to the system where the database service is being recreated. To accomplish this task, a system administrator would create a VCS service group that would include all the hardware resources (the NIC and the physical disk) and the software resources (IP address, file system and database server) necessary to provide the database service. There are two categories of VCS service groups: parallel service groups and failover service groups. Parallel service groups. These are used for applications that can run on more than one system in the cluster. For instance, if a service group is composed of a network interface card (NIC) and an IP address, this service group will run on all systems in the cluster since every node must have the NIC configured with the IP address in order communicate with other hosts on the network. Failover service groups. These are used in situations where there is a constraint such that a service group can only run on one system in the cluster. An example of such a service group is the one that mounts a file system from disks in the shared drive and has a process that runs to perform read and write on that file system. If a failover service group is online on more than one system for any reason, there is a high risk that the data on the shared disks would be corrupted because more than one system would be writing to the shared disks at the same time. Consider again the database service example mentioned previously. This service involves a listener (a process that is ready and waiting for service requests) and the database server itself. The database service interacts with the file system (see Figure 14.6) to access and update data while the file system accesses the physical disks. The database server also communicates with the IP protocol, while the protocol communicates with the network interface card. The database service, in other words, comprises all of these components.
The Header and Footer dialog box appears.
Networking and the Internet
sign(g(z; Q) - a ( e ) ) f ( z ; dp Q) 1 2 k2P{g(z; 0)
Figure 5.9 Current gain (H21), the maximum available gain (MAG), and the unilateral gain (ULG) as a function of frequency in an n-channel SO1 transistor, having a length of 0.75 jim and a width of 240 jim at VDS = VGS 1V. an n-channel SO1 transistor having a length of 0.75 jim (Leff = 0.65 gm). These parameters were measured through s-parameter extraction under a supply voltage (VDS = VGS) of 1V. The MAG is 13 dB at 2 GHz. The unit-gain frequency,fr (found when H 21 = 0 dB) is equal to 12.9 GHz, and the maximum oscillation frequency,
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