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Managing security requirements
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Table 28-4: The jdb Debugger Commands
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The version of the System Information utility that ships with Windows Vista has been slimmed down from previous versions. The System Restore utility, for example, is now found (as System Restore) in the System Protection tab of the System Properties window or in the Accessories System Tools menu under the Start menu. The System Restore utility lets you turn back the hands of time and restore your system to its state at an earlier date. This tool is discussed in greater detail in the next chapter. The File Signature Verification Utility doesn t exist anymore as a utility either; however, Windows Vista does inform you if driver software doesn t have a digital signature or if it has a digital signature that hasn t been checked and verified by a certification authority. You may have noticed Vista s tendency to tell you every little detail that might be
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and where c(t) a ( t ) are chosen such that f t ( z )is a density (it integrates to 1) and has expectation t. Note that f t is the closest distribution to f in the Kullback-Leibler distance with expectation t. We can now use locally a normal approximation to the density of the mean based on the conjugate density f t rather than f . This is very accurate, because with the conjugate density, we are approximating a density at the center at its expected value. The final step is to relate the density of the mean computed with the conjugate, say f n , t , to the desired density f,. This relationship is particularly simple:
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Figure 6-10: A customized System Properties window, courtesy of WinBubble
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master list can be pared down by the user, since users can now have their own printers.conf files located under $home/.printers. This file has the following format:
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specifically. So in cases where an e-mail account could be configured in different ways, it s always best to go with the push option if you re given a choice. ifthe push option ways, optionit s always best to go with you re given a choice.
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You modify filegroups in the same way that you modify files. Using Management Studio, you can add new filegroups, add or remove files from a filegroup, and remove the filegroup if it is empty. Emptying a file group is more difficult than shrinking a file. If there s data in the filegroup, shrinking a file will only move the data to another file in the filegroup. The tables and indexes must be dropped from the filegroup before the filegroup can be deleted. With Query Editor and T-SQL code, you can add or drop filegroups using the alter database add filegroup or alter database remove filegroup commands, much as you would use the add or remove file command.
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To start a new feature, the first decision that you need to make is what shape to make the base. Is the feature a type that is usually going to go onto a single shape or multiple shapes Regardless of your decision, you or whoever ends up using the feature will have the flexibility to change, or simply not use, the relations when you place the feature. For this example, I use a rectangular base. The library feature that I want to create consists of two boss extrudes, a cut extrude, and several fillets. Here is how it works: First, you need to create a rectangular extrusion. The size should be bigger than the feature that goes on it, and representative of the face of the end part onto which this feature will typically be placed. Next, in beginning to create the features that you want to reuse, it is very important that you pay attention to any references outside of the sketch; these include absolutely anything outside the active sketch, such as the sketch plane, references to edges, the Origin, other planes, other sketches, and axes. Although these references are allowed, each reference to anything that is not already part of the library feature must be reconnected when you place the feature on the part. The ideal situation is obviously a single drag-and-drop, but generally speaking, at least one other step is usually needed. The initial drag-and-drop determines the face for the feature to start from, and from there, you usually need to locate features, either by using relations or dimensions. A concentric dimension locates the feature in a single reference selection of a circular edge (although it may also need to be rotated), and dimensions typically require a dimension in the X dimension, and another one in the Y dimension. Figure 18.8 shows the base feature and the first feature of the library feature. The only relations between the sketch of the library feature and the base feature are the sketch plane and the two dimensions.
The Big Picture
You can access ordinate and baseline dimensions from the Dimensions/Relations toolbar or by right-clicking in a blank space, selecting More Dimensions, and then selecting the type of dimension that you want to use.
Four different Windows Settings sections are located on the User Controls page. These items refer to the areas where you can make changes to limit your children s online permissions. Here is a brief explanation of each of these categories: Windows Vista Web Filter: Controls the Web sites your child is allowed to view Time Limits: Determines when your child is permitted to use the computer Games: Outlines the types of games your child is allowed to play Allow and Block Specific Programs: Identifies the programs your child is able to use Examples of when you might want to use these features, as well as instructions for how to make adjustments to these controls, follow.
# fdformat -U # newfs /vol/dev/aliases/floppy
Figure 4.44. Task Manager, Vista style.
Industry Interviews
Delete Hole is really a surface feature called Untrim. Untrim is discussed more in 27, but you can use it to restore original boundaries to a surface.
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