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Preamble The DL preamble that is sent by the BS at the beginning of each frame can be used for channel estimation, interference estimation, etc. It covers all subcarriers during one OFDM symbol. The subcarriers are divided into three interlaced groups: the rst group contains the (physical) subcarrier 0, 3, 6, . . . ; the second group the subcarriers 1, 4, 7, . . . and the third group 2, 5, 8, . . . ; guard tones are present. The preamble is sent with boosted power. Pilot Symbol Placement The pilot tones are modulated the same way as the preamble. The power of the pilot tones is boosted 2.5 dB above the power of the data tones. For the FUSC and DL-PUSC, the pilot tones are allocated rst; what remains are data subcarriers, which are divided into subchannels that are used exclusively for data, resulting in a set of common pilots.5 For PUSC in the uplink, the set of used subcarriers is rst partitioned into subchannels, and then the pilot subcarriers are allocated from within each subchannel, so that each subchannel contains its own set of pilot subcarriers. The reason for this is that in the uplink, common pilots do not make sense (the signals from the different users undergo different channels, even if they are at very similar frequencies).
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It s no good to you if you don t save it.
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It's also possible to work with ASP.NET and create a style for a specific control on the page. For instance, if you were using an <asp:label> control to display a title on your Web document, you could then apply a style to this particular control by defining it within the stylesheet using the Element ID style definition: 1. Right -click on the Element ID folder and select Add Style Rule. 2. Click the Element ID radio button and type in the ID of the control for which you want to define a style. In this case, define the style of the title Label control, Label1, as shown in Figure 39-8.
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Library features reside in the Design Library, which is located in the Task Pane to the right of the graphics window.
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One recent area of contention is that search engines use cookies to store keywords that you use to search the World Wide Web. The information that is retrieved and stored by the search engines using these cookies has been requisitioned by the U.S. government. AOL has complied with this request and provided the information, but Google has not (as of this writing) agreed to do so.
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Surveying the enterprise
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The end result is a far more responsive system that makes better and more efficient use of virtual memory than in any previous system. This efficiency creates a sense of stability: Your system is more responsive, so you spend less time waiting for programs to respond. You re less likely to suspect a program has begun to hang when in fact it s only waiting for the right data from the slow hard drive.
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Maximum RF signal (dBam) = 10
11.4.2 Functional Interfaces to a DAML1OIL Reasoner
Sometimes users have difficulty working through some of the interfaces in SolidWorks. This is not necessarily the fault of the software, but is often because users may not fully understand how the workflow of a particular feature is supposed to function. The Model View interface from the last chapter is one that can be confusing until you have been through it a few times and gain a more intuitive feel for how it works. Understanding the workflow is paramount to being able to use the software efficiently. I sometimes find myself using the Annotations clumsily, and sometimes wind up with blank notes, double notes, or extra lines at the ends of notes. After using the tool a few times, I get back in the groove. For these reasons, I have added some step-by-step suggestions here to help you create an efficient workflow with annotations.
FIGURE 20-4 Transitive trusts for Windows Server 2008.
m = 14 nH/2 = 0.15 nH
FIGURE 15-3 The File Server Resource Management console.
Digital cameras got a bad rap for their first couple of years due to crummy picture quality and very high cost, but as so often happens, the technology has gotten better and cheaper. In order to get intimately familiar with digital photography so I could comment intelligently on it in this book, we decided to shoot every photograph in the book with a digital camera, the US$400 Kodak DC340 (see Figure 9.22), which connects to the PC via a USB cable. What follows is a condensed summary of what we learned working daily with this technology.
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ADODB for local operations and a program ID of ADOR for remote operations. The ADO library
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