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10.3 Creating Evolving Ontologies
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Save this file as home.php. The include() function call takes a relative file path; that is, one that uses Unix-like path conventions to find the file in question. Because both home.php and html_fns.php are in the same directory, you don t need to use any directory-traversing notation.
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Managing Performance
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by reference signals: once by a normal reference signal, and once by the signal shifted by /2 to get the quadrature component. The resulting signal is lowpass- ltered, and sent to the decision device. For coherent detection, the reference signal is obtained from a carrier recovery circuit; for differential detection, the reference signal is a delayed version of the incoming signal. As an example, we consider the differential detection of MSK. It is fairly easy to describe a bit error in the form D < 0. An error is made if a + 1 was transmitted, but the phase difference of the signals at the sampling instants, X = r(ts ) and Y = r(ts T ), lies between and 2 . The condition for an error is thus identical to Re{b0 XY exp( j /2)} < 0 (12.105)
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Figure 15.A.2 Electric lines radiated either from the test circuit inside the PCB or from any interference source outside the PCB would be terminated on the rectangular ground frame. Electric line from inside Top metallic area or runner Electric line from outside Bottom metallic area Imperfect grounding symbol Conductive via from top to bottom side DC power supply runner
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Film bulk acoustic resonator lter, 311 312 Filter characteristics common, 307 308 Filter, baseband, 186, 439 Forward error correction, 408 409 Four band GSM, GPRS, EDGE, RFIC 389 392 Free space path loss, 74 75 Frequency counters, 139 141 Frequency division duplexing (FDD), 302 Frequency division multiple access, 44, 413 416 Frequency modulation, 120 122 Frequency shift keying, 120 122 Frequency, 64 FSK, see Frequency shift keying GaAs, see Gallium arsenide Gallium arsenide, 27, 264 265 Gallium nitride 264 265 GaN, see Gallium nitride Gate, of FET, 265 Gaussian minimum shift keying, 121 122 General Packet Radio Service, 389 391 Global System for Mobile Communications, 1 2 GMSK, see Gaussian minimum shift keying GPRS, see General Packet Radio Service Group delay of lters, 314 315 GSM, see Global System for Mobile Communications HBT, see Heterojunction bipolar transistor HDTV, see High de nition TV HEMT, see High electron mobility transistor Heterojunction bipolar transistor, 270 271 High data rate systems for cell phones, 425 428 High de nition TV, 400 High electron mobility transistor, 270 271 High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, 2, 426 428 HSDPA, see High-Speed Downlink Packet Access,
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Take a quick look at the WSDL service contract document for the CTemp Web Service. To view the WSDL service contract, simply click the Service Description hotlink on the
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Memory upgradability: Some printers have no RAM, some have a little, and some
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For each iteration of the while loop, Perl evaluates the defined condition. If it evaluates to a TRUE Boolean value, Perl executes the code in the code block section. When the condition evaluates to a FALSE Boolean value, the while loop exits. Here s an example of using the while loop to process a calculation that requires iteration:
34 Part I Using the Sony Alpha A700
Flash sync terminal
with a satisfactory S/N for achieving the required BER. When the mobile unit is close to the base station, the received signals intended for all the mobile units in the cell are very large, and two signals may mix in the mobile receiver to form a signal that jams the signal intended for the mobile. This jamming signal is called an intermodulation product. The received RF signal varies over a 90 dB dynamic range, depending on the transmitter receiver separation and multipath fading. The receiver must provide adjustable gain, depending on the received signal level, to provide a constant output level of about 0 dBm for demodulation. Every RF receiver is made up of four basic parts, whose performances are as follows: 1. RF lter: allows only a speci ed range of RF frequencies to pass and blocks all other frequencies 2. LNA: ampli es the weak received RF carrier 3. Mixer: shifts the RF frequency to a lower frequency where it can be more easily ampli ed and ltered 4. IF ampli er: ampli es the IF frequency to a power level where it can be demodulated All components contribute to the gain or loss of the RF signal as it passes through the receiver. The lter and the RF ampli er contribute to the noise gure of the receiver. The LNA and the mixer contribute to the intermodulation products.
When it comes to searching, we re a fickle bunch. Can you remember the days when all the cool kids were using AltaVista The search provider you choose as your default today may not necessarily be the one you will be using most a few months from now, or you may simply need to
< v < 1. This can be rearranged to give
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