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The Design Library has other functions besides library features. For example, you can use it as a repository for other items that you use frequently.
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Wireless Communications
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Contrary to discrete representations, we do not demand that thekernels cp(t,S ) and @(S, t ) be integrable with respect to t. From (2.2) and (2.1), we obtain
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Your second privacy-protection option with IE7 involves identifying exactly which Web sites you do and do not want to store cookies on your machine, all in the name of preventing what could be construed as an invasion of privacy. To decide which sites to permit to use cookies depends on whether you trust the site in question. If you frequent this site on a regular basis and have never encountered any problems there, feel free to add it to your acceptable sites list. You should also consider adding to your accepted sites list those Web sites you visit that do not necessarily contain sensitive information. This provides you with the convenience factor I mention earlier. Obviously, any suspicious sites or sites that contain confidential information (e-mail login sites, for example) should be included in the restricted Web sites list. Here s how to selectively allow/restrict cookie placement:
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A number of analytical functions have been proposed to account for the true line shape. Nearly all of them include a at shelf and an exponential tail, both convoluted with the Gaussian response function. The original function was rst introduced by Philips and Marlow (1976) to describe the peak shape observed in -ray spectra. Later on, other authors adopted, extended and improved this function (Jorch and Campbell, 1977; Gardner and Doster, 1982; Yacout et al., 1986; Vekemans et al., 1994). To account for the deviation from the Gaussian peak shape, the Gauss function, Gaussian (Ei , Ej k ) in Equation (6.2.12) is replaced by F (Ei , Ej k , fjSk , fjTk , j k ) = Gaussian (Ei , Ej k ) + fjSk shelf (Ei , Ej k ) + fjTk tail (Ei , Ej k , j k )
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C2-Level Security
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G G2
Figure 2.16 Fading rate. The speed is 12 mph, the RF frequency is 850 MHz, and the location is downtown.
Ontology Management: Storing, Aligning and Maintaining Ontologies
To better understand application domains, consider an example that many of us have been through. The corporate mail server has been in desperate need of a way to process automated help desk tickets. To achieve this, the IT department has created a COM object that watches the mail go through the mail server and routes the help desk ticket to the correct person for the job. Several weeks after this COM object is installed, the Microsoft Exchange Server mysteriously crashes; this hasn t happened to Exchange since it was installed. This particular example may not be familiar to all of you, but the circumstances may be. So what happened to the Microsoft Exchange Server The key to the mystery was that the COM object was an in-process object. The term in-process means that the COM object shared process space with Microsoft Exchange Server. Sharing process space allows the object (in this example, it is the COM object) to share memory with the host application (Microsoft Exchange Server). This allows for an incredible amount of integration because both application and COM object can share all sorts of information. Unfortunately, this also means that if the COM object dies, the application and all other objects in the process space die as well. This type of incident is pretty typical on Windows Server 2008 because not all applications are perfect and quite often applications crash. On Windows 98 and ME, you could expect different behavior, however. These operating systems don t have protected memory segments, which means if one application crashes, it could quite possibly kill all running applications, including Windows! Since Windows 2000, we have been shielded from this because an application dying within its process space couldn t harm other applications, nor could it harm Windows.
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Creating your own restore point allows you to identify a specific date and time to which to return to if you so desire. Create a manual restore date if you are making major (or numerous) changes to your computer system. That way, if you decide that you are not particularly fond of the new changes, you can easily revert to the previous restore date. To create a new restore point manually, open the Backup and Restore Center and click the Create a Restore Point link from the left panel. The System Properties window appears. Select the drive you wish to create a backup for if you want to back up your hard drive, select the drive labeled (System) and then click the Create button at the bottom of the window.
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