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Common Channels Common channels are relevant to all or at least a group of MSs in a cell. Thus, all of them receive the information transmitted on these channels in the downlink and may access the channels in the uplink. There are different kinds of common channels: Broadcast CHannel (BCH): the BCH is only found in the downlink. Both cell-speci c and network-speci c information is transmitted on it. For example, the BS uses this channel to inform all MSs in the cell about free access codes and available access channels. This channel has to be transmitted with relatively high power, as all MSs within the cell have to be able to receive it. Thus, on this channel neither power control nor smart antennas are implemented. Paging CHannel (PCH): this is also a channel that can be found only in the downlink. It is used to tell an MS about an incoming call. Since attenuation of the channel to the MS, as well as the location of the MS, is not known the PCH is transmitted with high power and without employing smart antennas. Depending on whether the current cell of the MS is known, paging information is either transmitted in only one cell or several cells. Random Access CHannel (RACH): the RACH is only used in the uplink. The MS uses it to initialize a connection to the BS. It can employ open-loop power control, but no smart antennas, as the BS must be able to receive signals on the RACH from every MS within the cell. As it is a random access channel, collisions might occur. Therefore, the structure of bursts in the RACH are different from that of other channels this is described below in more detail.
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A where clause on a non-table select statement serves as a restriction to the entire select statement. If the where condition is true, the select statement will function as expected:
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Part VI: Windows 7 Online
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The operation of the core Postfix programs can be controlled using the master.cf configuration file. Each program is listed in a separate line along with the parameters to control its operation. Here are a few examples from the main.cf configuration file:
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Note: You can also right-click the screen to display the menu.
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Part II: The New and Improved Windows 7 User Experience
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situations, you use the ElseIf statement in the If Then Else statement. The syntax for the If statement with the ElseIf statement is If condition1 Then statement1 [ElseIf condition2 [Then] [statement2]] [Else [statement3]] End If In the preceding syntax, if condition1 is false, then control moves to condition2 . If condition2 is true, the statement2 following ElseIf is executed; otherwise, the control moves to the statements following the Else. For example: If QtyOrdered > 0 And QtyOrdered <= 10 Then Discount = 10 ElseIf QtyOrdered > 10 And QtyOrdered <= 20 Then Discount = 20 ElseIf QtyOrdered > 20 Then Discount = 30 Else Msgbox ("Please check the quantity entered") End If In this example, a discount is offered in three slabs. If the quantity ordered is less than or equal to 10, the discount offered is 10 percent. If the quantity ordered is greater than 10 and less than or equal to 20, the discount offered is 20 percent. If the quantity ordered is greater than 20, the discount offered is 30 percent. It also checks for any quantity less than or equal to zero and displays an error message. Note You can have as many ElseIf statements within an If Then Else statement as you require. However, all the ElseIf statements should come before the Else statement. You need only one End If statement for the entire If block. You can also have nested If statements in your program. You can nest the If statements to any number of levels. But you need to have a separate End If for each If statement. To understand this better, consider the following example: Dim Type As String Dim Size, Discount As Integer 'Accept the type of drive Type = InputBox("Enter the type of Drive (CD/DVD/Floppy): ") 'Accept the size of RAM Size = CInt(InputBox("Enter the size of RAM: ")) If Type = "CD" Then Discount = 10 MessageBox.Show("Discount is " & Discount & "%")
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This allows you to add, modify, and remove printers from the comfort of your own workstation, instead of having to muddle through the CUPS configuration files. 6. Save the new configuration file and exit the editor. To make the new configuration settings take effect, you must restart the CUPS server:
Multiview video is used to support three-dimensional (3D) video applications. A special case of multiview video is stereo video in which only two views are present, a left view and right view corresponding to each eye. For most stereoscopic displays, glasses are needed to view the 3D scene. Auto-stereoscopic displays are capable of rendering multiple views of a 3D scene simultaneously and so do not require glasses. Three-dimensional services are becoming more popular for home entertainment systems and in mobile environments. Performing ef cient compression relies on having good predictors. While the correlation between temporally neighboring pictures is often very strong, including spatially neighboring pictures offers some advantages. For example, spatially neighboring pictures are useful predictors in uncovered regions of the scene, during fast object motion, or when objects appear in one view that are already present in neighboring views at the same time instant. Interview prediction is employed in all related works on ef cient MVC, and aims to exploit both spatial and temporal redundancy for compression. The prediction is adaptive, so the best predictor among temporal and interview references is selected on a block basis. It is also noteworthy that there exists a base layer that can be independently decoded and possibly used as a 2D representation of the 3D scene. It has been shown that coding multiview video with inter-view prediction does give signi cantly better results compared to independent coding of each view. Speci cally, improvements of more than 2 dB have been reported relative to independent encoding of views using the multiview extensions of H.264/AVC. Furthermore, subjective testing has indicated that the same quality could be achieved with approximately half the bit rate.
This section introduces the main parameters in the invokes and return-result for the operations described earlier [5]. The reference numbers (Par.1, etc.) point to parameter descriptions in Section 19.5.4. It is helpful to look up the descriptions when reading this section. HandoffMeasurementRequest Invoke (HOMEAS). See Fig. 19.4-2. Par.22 (ServingCellID) identi es the cell that currently serves MS. Par.24 (StationClassMark) lists the transmission characteristics of the MS (Section 12.4.8). If the mobile is currently using an analog voice channel, the invoke includes Par.8 (ChannelData), which contains the channel number, and the attenuation and color codes with which the MS is transmitting. If the mobile is currently using a digital traf c channel, the invoke also includes Par.10 (DigitalChannelData) and Par.7 (CallMode). On receiving a HOMEAS invoke, a MSC determines which cells are neighbors to the current serving cell of the MS (from Par.22). These cells can be target cells for the handoff. The MSC orders the target cells to measure the signal strengths received from MS. HandoffMeasurementRequest Return-Result (homeas). See Fig. 19.4-2. After receiving the measurement results, the MSC calculates the quality of the received signals. Cells in which the signal quality is above a predetermined level are target cells for the handoff. The return-result is a list of target cells. Each entry consists of a Par.23 (SignalQuality) and a Par.25 (TargetCellID).
This creates our message filter: Public Class DoubleClickMessageFilter Implements IMessageFilter
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