<html> <body> <h2>This is a test of embedded Ruby</h2> <% test1 = This is a line of Ruby code %> <p>Here s the first test:</p> <%= test1 %> <p>Here s the second test:</p> <% test2 = 10 * 3.14159 %> The value of test2 is: <%= test2 %> <h2>This is the end of the test</h2> </body> </html>
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For four antennas, the mapping of the codewords onto the four layers is done according to the following mapping: s2 s1 s s1 A= 2 (27.12) s3 s4 s4 s3
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Part I
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4. This screen requires a virtual server name. This is the name of the server that will be distributed to connect to the cluster. Click Next. 5. This screen requires that the virtual SQL Server has its own IP address. Enter the IP address, click add, and then click OK. 6. The next screen will require you to assign the SQL Server to a valid disk cluster. Select the appropriate disk cluster and click Next.
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14.1 14.2 14.3 14.4 Introduction Implementation Eye Safety IR Channel Characterization and Data-Rate Limitations 14.4.1 Optical Propagation and Multipath Effects 14.4.2 Effects of Ambient Light 14.4.3 Photodiode Capacitance and Noise Enhancement 14.5 Modulation Techniques for Optical Communications 14.5.1 Analog Modulation Techniques 14.5.2 Pulse Modulation Techniques 14.5.3 Digital Modulation Techniques 14.5.4 Baseband PCM 14.6 Multiple Access and Data Rate Questions
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You can delete the Horizontal relation by selecting the icon on the screen and pressing Delete on the keyboard. As a reminder, you can show and hide the sketch relation icons from the View menu. You can check to ensure that the relations were created to the sketch rather than the model edges by clicking the Display/Delete Relations button on the Sketch toolbar, clicking the relation icon to check, and expanding the Entities panel in the PropertyManager. The Entities box shows where the relation is attached to, as shown in Figure 4.8. In this case, it is a point in Sketch1. Without custom programming, there is no way to identify items in a sketch by name, but you already know which point it is; you just needed to know whether it was in the sketch or on the model. The second sketch trick involves the use of a setting.
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Region 1
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FIGURE 2.46 The status bar showing a Tooltip for the Sketch Circle tool
You can use an interesting technique in this part. The features creating the smaller tool body and the Move/Copy Bodies and Combine features can be put together into a folder, and the folder itself reordered before the Shell feature. This means that the combined body is also shelled out, and the rib goes down inside of it. This produces an odd error message and unexpectedly places several features into the folder, but it does work. You may want to open this part in SolidWorks to see exactly how all of this was done instead of relying on the figure illustrations. The part used for Figure 26.7 is on the CD-ROM and is named 26 Move Body.SLDPRT.
[23] L. Chen, T. Nguyen, and K.P. Chan. Symmetric extension methods for M-channel PR LP FIR analysis/synthesis systems. In Proc. IEEE Int. Symp. Circuits and Systems, pages 2.273 - 2.276, London, June 1994.
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