Cr Si 2 Ar 4 6 Energy (keV) (b) Intensity (counts) Scat. 8 Specular scattering 1st
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Mirroring bodies is the fastest and simplest method when a part has complete symmetry. However, this may not be an option if the part is not completely symmetrical. Also, the decision to mirror must often be made when you are creating the first feature. If the first feature is modeled as a sketch that is built symmetrically around the Origin, then you may need to cut the part in half in order to mirror it. This is an adequate modeling technique, although it is not as clean as it could be.
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appear under the Name eld for the service in the details pane. Specify the service s description in the Description eld. Use the Start Parameters eld to specify optional switches or parameters to determine how the service starts. These are just like command-line switches for a console command.
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A primary key can be initially defined as a clustered or nonclustered index. However, for the index type to be changed, the primary-key constraint must be dropped and recreated a painful task if numerous foreign keys are present or the table is replicated.
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annotation RDF tutorial for beginners with the summary and URI as shown in Figure 10.1. It also has a set of keywords associated with it. (For simplicity, note that here we show only one keyword Kw_1, which is an instance of the class Keyword, as is Kw_2 and furthermore that the instance (typeOf) relation is not shown for these keywords, nor is the fact that Keyword is a subclass of rdfs#Resource). The third central class is Pro le, instances of which represent user information, including the concepts in which they are interested, their names and email addresses. Pro le_1, for example, is the pro le of a user with name John Smith . Finally, note that keyword Kw_2 is one of (possibly many) terms (words and phrases) which characterize the concept Language. Below we include excerpts from the RDFS and RDF (in XML notation) used to represent the ontology depicted above. We see the declarations of the classes Document, Pro le and Keyword in RDFS, followed by the descriptions of Document_1 and the user pro le of John Smith in RDF. , xml version "1.0" encoding "UTF-8" . ,rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf ""
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P = difference between output and input power by watts, PDC = DC power from DC power supply, PAE = power added ef ciency by %. In a PA design, the most important goal is the power converted ef ciency from the DC power to the AC power, which combined with the input power forms the output power. The classi cation of power ampli er is closely related to PAE. 7.1.1 Class A Power Ampli er Figure 7.2 shows the operating principle of a class A power ampli er. The inductor Lo and capacitor Co are resonant at the operating frequency. When the device is working as a class A power ampli er, the device is conducted over the entire cycle. The waveform of the current drain iD is a normal sinusoidal wave and the waveform of the output voltage vo is a normal sinusoidal wave as well. The PAE for a class A power ampli er is about 30% although theoretically it could approach a higher percentage.
<a href= # onClick= changeFontSize(95); return false; ><img src= images/xlFont.gif alt= Extra Large Font width= 16 height= 16 hspace= 1 vspace= 1 border= 0 ></a> </div> <script language= JavaScript type= text/javascript >setActiveI con();</script> </div> </div> <!-- END FontSizer -->
When the mobile user speaks, or a message is sent, the transmitter should return immediately to its normal power level. E: Extended Address Indicator (in PW2). If E 1, all mobiles have to include their complete mobile identi cation number MIN in messages sent on a reverse control channel. If E 0, only roaming mobiles need to include the complete MIN. Resident mobiles send a partial MIN (without area code). Maxbusy-PGR, Maxbusy-Other, Maxsztr-PGR, and Maxsztr-Other (in GAW 10). When a mobile needs to send a message on a reverse control channel, these parameters indicate the maximum number of times the mobile can try to seize a reverse control channel. N 2 1 (in PW2). This is the number of paging channels in the system minus one (in a system with ve paging channels, N 2 1 4). RCF: Read Control Filler Indicator (in PW2). If set to 1, the mobile must read and copy the parameters in a control lter word (CFW) before accessing a reverse control channel. REGH and REGR (in PW2). These are home and roamer registration indicators. When set to 1, the system allows registrations by resident and roaming mobiles, respectively. REGID and REGINCR (in, respectively, RIDW and GAW 2). These are the registration identi cation and registration increment, which are integers used by mobiles for autonomous registration. S: Serial Number Indicator (in PW2). If S 1, mobiles have to include their MSN (mobile serial number) when sending a message on a reverse control channel. SID1: System Identi cation, Part 1 (in PW1). The leading 14 bits of the 15-bit System Identi cation (SID). The least signi cant bit is omitted because, prior to sending a message, the mobile has decided to communicate with the A or B system and therefore knows whether SID is odd or even (Section 12.3). WFOM: Wait-for-Overhead-Message Indicator (in CFW). If set to 1, mobiles have to await an overhead message before seizing a reverse control channel.
Table 12.4 Redirection #!/bin/csh Write to a file Append to a file Read from a file Read from standard in until specified word is encountered Append standard error Discard standard error Combine standard out and standard error Append standard out and error >& >>& > >> < << word #!/bin/sh > >> < << word 2>> 2>/dev/null >&2 cmd >> filename 2>&1
Thumbnailing Images (continued)
For a detailed description of bands for 3G and fourth generation (4G) systems, see 27.
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