If your computer does not connect to the Internet, you can use the Activation Wizard to generate a file you can e-mail to SolidWorks. After determining which method you want to use for the activation (on-line or email), you must fill in your contact information. Using the Internet connection, SolidWorks then communicates with the activation server, and activates your machine to use the level of SolidWorks [you are registered for]: Standard, Office Professional, or Office Premium. If the activation fails, SolidWorks may give you a [temporary] courtesy activation. Your reseller should be able to activate your license, or give you a reason why the activation failed. Each license is granted two activations that can be active at any time: one for the commercial use and another for the home use. Think of activation as a floating license you can use across the Internet. Once you have activated your license on your computer, you can transfer it back to the license server and activate
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Numbering dialog box. The new bullet style appears in the list in the placeholder.
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8 Enter id selectors for each of the div elements.
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FIGURE 33.5 The third page of the Animation Wizard: Animation Control Options
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Table 2.3.1 Parameters of state-of-the-art laser sources. In the far right column potential realizations of X-ray sources are listed: high harmonic generation (HHG), X-rays from a laser produced plasma (LPPX), and X-ray laser (XRL) Pulse energy Oscillator kHz systems Compressed Low rep. rate Large scale facilities nJ <20 mJ <1 mJ 2J <500 J Pulse duration (fs) <5 >15 <5 >20 >300 Repetition rate 100 MHz 1 10 kHz 10 50 Hz Typically one shot per hour Peak intensity (W/cm2 ) <1012 1017 1017 1020 1021 X-ray source to be realized None HHG, LPP HHG HHG, LPPX LPPX, XRL
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Capturing Images with Vista s Snipping Tool
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Table One Train Red Thing New Thing Blue Thing Car Old Thing
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Figure 2.16. (a c) Simulations of lm structural evolution for PZT thin lms at various times during heat treatment.15 (d) A representative SEM photomicrograph illustrating the columnar microstructure of PZT.48 The lower layer is the lower Pt electrode, the middle layer is the PZT, and the upper layer is the top Pt electrode. [(a) (c) Reprinted with permission from Ref. 15. (d) Reprinted with permission from Ref. 9. Copyright 1997 American Chemical Society.]
The Startup Programs list displays all of the applets and programs that you ve configured in your desktop session to run automatically. This display includes any applets that you ve added to your panel (see 4, Exploring the Desktop ), such as the Network Manager applet, the Update Notifier, and the Volume Manager. From this interface you can temporarily disable an applet or program from starting simply by removing the check mark from the Enabled check box. This action keeps the applet or program available to start later if you want it just prevents it from starting the next time you log into the system. You can completely remove an applet or program from the startup list by selecting the entry in the list and clicking the Remove button. Also, you can edit the settings an applet or program starts with by clicking the Edit button. The Edit Startup Program dialog box allows you to set command-line parameters used when starting the application, as shown in Figure 18-8.
times t and (t + dt) is the difference of tl'e probability fluid flowing "in" minus the flow "out." This is given by f(x, y, z, k, t) di dy dz (idt)-f(x + dx, y, z, k, t) dk dy dz (idt) (flow "in") (flow "out") =x .-dx] dy dz dk dt (4.90a)
Location, location, location. At times it is easier to shoot a pet at their location. They are more likely to act in a natural way if in familiar surroundings.
10 Energy (keV)
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