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When an error does occur, the typical way to trap and handle the error is to use try/catch blocks. Within the catch block you want to do the following: 1. If the batch is using logical transactions (begin tran/commit tran), the error handler should roll back the transaction. I recommend rolling back the transaction as the first action so that any locks the transaction might be holding are released. 2. If the error is one that the stored procedure logic detects, and it s not a SQL Server error, raise the error message so the user or front-end application is informed. If it s an error that SQL Server detects, SQL Server will automatically raise the error. 3. Optionally, log the error to an error table. 4. Terminate the batch. If it s a stored procedure, user-defined function, or trigger, terminate it with a return command. The following code sample demonstrates handling errors; if an SQL Server error occurs in the
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While the topic of query performance tuning is much larger than this chapter, real-world experience with SQL Everywhere points to a small set of high-impact performance-tuning recommendations: Add indexes to your SQL Everywhere tables. Make them useful and selective. For multicolumn indexes, put the most selective columns to the left. Rewrite subqueries to use joins. SQL Everywhere s query processor always rewrites the IN subquery to use a JOIN so that it can consider different execution plans. Avoid joins of more than five tables. Use parameterized queries and prepare your SqlCeCommands for repetitive DML tasks such as inserting hundreds of rows into a table. Return as little data as possible from queries take only what you need in SQL and in replication. Use the SqlCeResultSet whenever possible to query or update more than one row. Consider denormalizing the database when you cannot achieve acceptable performance exhausting other approaches. Minimize or even eliminate table constraints. If your SQL Everywhere database will reside on a storage card, research the I/O speed of the card and don t eject the card from the mobile device while the database has open connections. For more information on these performance tuning tips, visit the SQL Server 2005 Performance site located at http://msdn.microsoft.com/sql/learning/perf/ default.aspx. As part of SQL Everywhere s integration with SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, it is now possible to see a graphical execution plan of any DML query you want to tune for SQL Everywhere. Selecting Display Estimated Execution Plan from the Query menu will display a graphical execution plan and provide the option to store the plan in XML format. This is useful when the location where the poorly performing query is running and the location of the person doing the tuning and analysis are not the same.
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The administrative responsibilities that are delegated can be separated into two main categories, service management and data management. Service management generates responsibility for delivery of the directory service, and data management provides responsibility for the content stored in the directory service. The service administrator is responsible for administering service management, and the data administrator is responsible for the data management.
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Figure 14.10 RF or AC ground by a zero capacitor on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Top metallic area P: Point to be ground Bottom metallic area G: Well-ground point Conductive via from top to bottom Zero capacitor
The Rights Management Configuration window appears. (See Figure 5-18.) This box informs you that you must have a user account before you can create permissions for this document. This account can be the same as your network user ID (if you are using this feature at the office) or it can be your .NET Passport user account.
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low-vacuum and environmental SEM systems. Microsc. Microanal. Proc., 7(Suppl. 2), 700 701 (2001). Agnello, R., Howard, J. McCarthy, J. and O Hara, D. The use of collimating X-ray optics for wavelength dispersive spectrometry. Microsc. Microanal. Proc., 3(Suppl. 2), 889 890 (1997). Worley, C. G., Colletti, L. P. and Havrilla, G. J. Optimizing the focal spot size and elemental sensitivity of a monolithic polycapillary optic. Paper F-29 presented at the 1998 Denver X-ray Conference (1999). Bichlmeier, S. Janssens, K., Heckel, J., Gibson, D., Hoffmann, P. and Ortner, H. M. Component selection for a compact micro-XRF spectrometer. X-ray Spectrom., 30, 8 14 (2001). Bichlmeier, S., Janssens, K., Heckel, J., Hoffmann, P. and Ortner, H. M. Comparative material characterization of historical and industrial samples by using a compact microXRF spectrometer. X-ray Spectrom., 31, 87 91 (2002). Haschke, M. and Haller, M. Examination of polycapillary lenses for their use in micro-XRF spectrometers. X-ray Spectrom., 32, 239 247 (2003). Worley, C. G., Collett, L. P. and Havrilla, S. Quantitative analysis of radioactive materials by X-ray uorescence. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 223, 042-NUCL, Part 2, 7 April 2002. Fiorini, C., Longoni, A. and Bjeoumikhov, A. A new detection system with polycapillary conic collimator for high-localized analysis of X-ray uorescence emission. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 48, 268 271 (2001). Bronk, H., Rohrs, S., Bjeoumikhov, A., Langhoff, N., Schmalz, J., Wedell, R., Gorny, H. E., Herold, A. and Waldschlager, U. ArtTAX a new mobile spectrometer for energy-dispersive micro X-ray uorescence spectrometry on art and archaeological objects. Fres. J. Anal. Chem., 371, 307 316 (2001). Janssens, K., Vincze, L., Vekemans, B., Williams, C. T., Radtke, M., Haller, M. and Kn chel, A. The nono destructive determination of REE in fossilized bone using synchrotron radiation induced K-line X-ray micro uorescence analysis. Fres. J. Anal. Chem., 363, 413 420 (1998). Vincze, L., Wei, F., Proost, K., Vekemans, B., Janssens, K., He, Y., Yan, Y. and Falkenberg, G. Suitability of polycapillary optics for focusing of monochromatic synchrotron radiation as used in trace level micro-XANES measurements. J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 17, 177 182 (2002). Proost, K., Vincze, L., Janssens, K., Gao, N. and Falkenberg, G. Characterization of a polycapillary lens for use in micro-XANES experiments. X-ray Spectrom., 32, 215 222 (2003). Newbury, D., Wollman, D., Nam et al., Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry by microcalorimetry for the SEM. Microchim. Acta, 138, 265 274 (2002). Wollman, D. A., Irwin, K. D., Hilton, G. C., Dulcie, L. L., Newbury, D. E. and Martinis, J. M. J. Microsc., 188, 196 223 (1997).
Common RPC-Based Services Defined in the inetd.conf File DESCRIPTION The rexd service allows remote users to run RPC programs on a host. It can also be used to run an arbitrary shell on the host. For this reason, it represents a security risk. This service returns quotas for a user of a local file system that is mounted by a remote machine over the NFS. Though this can be useful, we recommend against it.
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