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Figure 13-43: Windows DVD Maker includes a decent selection of menu options.
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Adding a Tape Drive
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The best way to learn where you should place your title tag is to look at the source code for other web sites. As Figure 6-2 shows, the title tag is located within the head tag, along with the meta description tag and the meta keyword tag.
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FIGURE 31.3 Three-dimensional sketches may be difficult to fully define.
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Active Directory Management
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Once the data set is defined, it is possible to add fields to it and specify an expression for the field value. For example, you could add a field to the Products data set named Margin, and set the expression to calculate it as ListPrice StandardCost. To add a field, follow these steps: 1. Open the Datasets window by selecting View Datasets. 2. Right-click on the Products data set and select Add. 3. Name the new field Margin. 4. Select Calculated Field, and enter the following expression:
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Control the visibility of FeatureManager items
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In contrast to analog cellular networks, GSM offers a variety of services in addition to regular phone calls. Although providing those services is not a big effort for the network provider, they were a major motivation for customers to switch from analog systems to GSM or another digital mobile
The message transfer part level 3 (MTP3) is divided into the fol1owing two groups of functions (Fig. 8.7-1). Signaling Message Handling (SMH). This handles the transfer of messages between peer MTP-users Telephone User Part (TUP), Integrated Services
Canonical Ltd. is a European company committed to providing software and hardware support for Ubuntu. You can purchase copies of the Ubuntu LiveCD from Canonical via the Ubuntu web site ( Canonical also provides single copies of Ubuntu that you can download for free. If you don t have a high-speed Internet connection, you can purchase or request a free copy of the LiveCD. If you re going the free CD route, be prepared to wait. Free copies of the LiveCD can take up to 10 weeks for delivery. Of the three options, downloading the LiveCD via the Internet is the quickest way to get Ubuntu up and running on your PC. If you have a high-speed Internet connection, downloading the CD takes only an hour or so, depending on your connection bandwidth. Because Ubuntu is so popular, you ll often find Ubuntu LiveCDs for sale in online and brick-and-mortar computer bookstores. If you frequent a particular computer bookstore, check out the Linux section and see if it s there. However, it s not unusual for it to take a month or so after the release of a new version for it to appear for sale in bookstores.
34: HTML Server Controls
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Flatten Bends feature
The Hole Wizard enables you to place holes for many types of screws with normal, loose, or close fits. You can create Hole Wizard holes as assembly features in an assembly or as features in individual parts that are built in the context of an assembly using the Series Hole functionality. This tool is called a wizard because it guides you through the process step by step. The process of creating a Hole Wizard hole can be summarized as follows:
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