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Once your notes get scattered around, things can get disorganized. To help manage the chaos, Tomboy Notes provides notebooks for you to store your notes. A notebook contains a set of notes that are related. You can create a new notebook by either selecting File Notebooks New Notebook from the Search window or by clicking the Tomboy Notes applet in the panel and selecting Notebooks New Notebook. After naming the new notebook, it appears in the Search window notebook list. You can drag and drop notes from the All Notes list and the Unfiled Notes list into your new notebook.
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When you dissolve a library feature, you lose any access to any configurations. Some users insist on dissolving every library feature so that they can see regular features in the FeatureManager. This technique may also be useful if you would like to reorder some of the individual features within the library feature. n
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Strict PHP 5 classes use the public, protected or private keywords to declare method and property scope
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the parts standard deviation as discussed in Section 17.3.1, the original parts are replaced by multiple parts which together have the higher parts value. The resultant group of multiple parts value is kept the same as the original part s value through a reasonable combined con guration either in parallel or in series as shown in Figure 17.5. The resultant standard deviation of the multiple parts is lower than that
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Table 4.8: Simulation parameters for the FCA, and DCA-assisted networks using power control.
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Mindle 2: An Uncertain Number Is a Shape
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DSL Modem
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The Add/Remove Applications Window
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9: Search Engine Optimization
Surface feature equivalents are available for most solid features such as extrude, revolve, sweep, loft, fillet, and so on. Some solid features do not have an equivalent, such as the Hole Wizard, shell, and others. Several surface functions do not have solid equivalents, such as trim, Untrim, Extend, Thicken, Offset, Radiate, Ruled, Fill, and Boundary. The surface features are listed here in the order in which they appear in the Tools Customize Commands list for the Surfaces toolbar. This is not a comprehensive guide to complex shape modeling, but it should serve as an introduction to each feature type and some of the details about how it operates.
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Change Spelling Options
ized font and font size from a dialog box.
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