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Ruby also provides a system called RDoc. This is how you ll most often view Ruby-related documentation. It s a system that scans Ruby source code and produces an HTML file that lets you navigate the given project s files and methods. Figure 16.2 shows the RDoc for the FasterCSV project. Figure 16.2 The RDoc documentation for FasterCSV
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94. M. Fujishima, K. Asada, Y. Omura, and K. Izumi, "Low-Power 1/2 Frequency Dividers Using 0.1 -pim CMOS Circuits Built with Ultrathin SIMOX Substrates," IEEE J. SolidState Circ. 28, 510 (1993). 95. Y. Kado, M. Suzuki, K. Koike, Y. Omura, and K. Izumi, "A 1-GHz/0.9-mW CMOS/ SIMOX Divide-by-128/129 Dual-modulus Prescaler Using a Divide-by-2/3 Synchronous Counter," IEEE J. Solid-State Circ. 28, 513 (1993). Y. Kado, T. Ohno, M. Harada, K. Deguchi, and T. Tsuchiya, "Enhanced Performance of Multi-GHz PLL LSIs Using Sub-1/4-Micron Gate Ultrathin Film CMOS/SIMOX Technology with Synchrotron X-ray Lithography," Tech. Digest IEDM, Dec. 1993, p. 243. G. G. Shahidi, T. H. Ning, T. I. Chappell, J. H. Comfort, B. A. Chappell, R. Franch, C. J. Anderson, P. W. Cook, S. E. Schuster, M. G. Rosenfield, M. R. Polcari, R. H. Dennard, and B. Davari, "SOI for a 1-Volt CMOS Technology and Applications to a 512kb SRAM with 3.5 ns Access Time," Tech. Digest IEDM, Dec. 1993, p. 813. T. Eimori, T. Oashi, H. Kimura, Y. Yamaguchi, T. Iwamatsu, T. Tsuruda, K. Suma, H. Hidaka, Y. Inoue, S. Satoh, and H. Miyoshi, "ULSI DRAM/SIMOX with Stacked Capacitor Cells for Low-Voltage Operation," Tech. Digest IEDM, 1993, p. 45. W. M. Huang, K. Papworth, M. Racanelli, J. P. John, J. Foerstner, H. C. Shin, H. Park, B. Y. Hwang, T. Wetteroth, S. Hong, H. Shin, S. Wilson, and S. Cheng, "TFSOI CMOS Technology for Sub-IV Microcontroller Circuits," Tech. Digest IEDM, 1995, p. 59. T. Douseki, S. Shigematsu, Y. Tanabe, M. Harada, H. Inokawa, and T. Tsuchiya, Digest of Technical Papers, "A 0.5V SIMOX-MTCMOS Circuit with 200ps Logic Gate," IEEE Int. Solid-State Circuits Conf. Jan. 1996, p. 84. M. Ino, H. Sawada, K. Nishimura, M. Urano, H. Suto, S. Date, T. Ishiara, T. Takeda, Y. Kado, H. Inokawa, T. Tsuchiya, Y. Sakakibara, Y. Arita, K. Izumi, K. Takeya, and T. Sakai, "0.25 ptm CMOS/SIMOX Gate Array LSI," Digest of Technical Papers, IEEE Int. Solid-State Circuits Conf. Jan. 1996, p. 86. T. Fuse, Y. Oowaki, M. Terauchi, S. Watanabe, M. Yoshimi, K. Ohuchi, and J. Matsunaga, "0.5V SOI CMOS Pass-Gate Logic," Digest of Technical Papers, IEEE Int. Solid-State Circuits Conf. 1996, p. 88. A. 0. Adan, T. Naka, S. Kaneko, D. Urabe, K. Higashi, and A. Kasigawa, "Device Integration of a 0.35 pm CMOS on Shallow SIMOX Technology for High-Speed and Low-Power Applications," Proc. IEEE Int. SOI Conf. 1996, p. 116. T. Fuse, Y. Oowaki, Y. Yamada, M. Kamoshida, M. Ohta, T. Shino, S. Kawanaka, M. Terauchi, T. Yoshida, G. Matsubara, S. Oshioka, S. Watanabe, M. Yoshimi, K. Ohuchi, and S. Manabe, "A 0.5V 200MHz 1-Stage 32b ALU Using a Body Bias Controlled SOI Pass-Gate logic," Digest Tech. Papers, Int. Solid-State Circuits Conf 1997, p. 286. Y. Ohtomo, S. Yasuda, M. Nogawa, J. Inoue, K. Yamakoshi, H. Sawada, M. Ino, S. Hino, Y. Sato, Y. Takei, T. Watanabe, and K. Takeya, "A 40 Gb/s 8 x 8 ATM Switch LSI Chip Using 0.25 pm CMOS/SIMOX," Digest Tech. Papers, Int. Solid-State Circuits Conf. 1997, p. 154.
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Override Dims on Drag is off by default. When you turn this setting on, it enables you to drag fully defined sketch geometry, and the dimensions will update to match the dragged size. This is another setting that you should use sparingly. It can be useful for doing concept work, but you should leave it off when working with production data for obvious reasons.
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SVM allows you to create volumes of any of the following types: RAID 0. Data is spread across disks in small, equally sized chunks, providing a high data transfer rate but no resistance to data loss. RAID 5. Data is duplicated across multiple drives, requiring twice as much disk space, but providing considerable resistance to data loss. Transactional. Used to log UFS file systems, these contain a master and a logging device. Soft partition. A division of a slice or volume into a number of smaller extensible volumes. RAID 0+1 and 1+0. Data is both striped and mirrored, providing both high transfer and resistance to data loss. These are set up from RAID 0 or RAID 1 volumes. The difference between 1+0 and 0+1 will be discussed later in this chapter.
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3. To initiate a new revision level in the Revision Table, right-mouse button click the table and select Revisions Add Revision. 4. Depending on the default settings in Tools Options Document Properties Drafting Standard Tables Revision, the first revision will be either A or 1. If you are using PDMWorks Workgroup, then you may have other options. 5. Depending on your options settings, you may immediately be prompted to place a balloon that contains the new revision level. You can place balloons with or without leaders. The balloons are meant to indicate areas of the drawing that are affected by the revision. Press Esc when you are finished placing the balloons.
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'Create our Update statement and add the appropriate parameters Dim oUpdateCommand As New _ SqlClient.SqlCommand("Update Customers Set CompanyName = _ @CompanyName, ContactName = @ContactName Where CustomerID = _ @CustomerID", oConnection)
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