These two closed-loop transfer functions can be rewritten as H psv( s) = where np = natural frequency of loop, p = damping factor, Ko Kd , 1p 1 2p + , Ko Kd
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Figure 1.24: UTRA DL FDD Secondary Common Control Physical CHannel (S-CCPCH) time-slot
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All GPOs store their information in two locations: the GP Container (GPC) and a GP Template (GPT). These objects are identi ed by a globally unique identi er (GUID), which keeps the
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Figure 20-44: Web Slices announce themselves much like RSS feeds, but they will live in your
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CharacterCasing (Public Instance Property)
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Public folder sharing is similar to the File sharing option, only this refers specifically to your Public folder and its contents. You can opt to let anyone with network access open your files or let anyone with network access read, write, and create files. Of course, you can leave it at its default setting, which is to not share the Public folder. The Apply rule in the previous paragraph also applies here. If you are working on a collaborative effort with a trusted user, you may consider write (Co-owner) access; otherwise, it would be safer to grant read-only (Reader) access by default. Printer sharing, which is turned off by default, lets you share your printers with any user with network access. Once again, be sure to click Apply if you change the default setting.
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This method for organizing and assigning hotkeys is new for SolidWorks 2007.
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Enabling this feature can save you some time in the beginning (while you are getting accustomed to Vista s new features). However, in the long run, it can be quite cumbersome because it forces you to take additional steps to achieve the same results. For many, it is much easier (and faster) to use the new Start menu for Vista, but it really is a matter of personal preference. Each menu contains the same information; just the method of locating items is different. You can easily switch back and forth between the Vista and the Classic views as often as you like by repeating the preceding steps. To return to Vista s new Start menu, be sure to choose the Start Menu option and not the Classic Start Menu option in Step 4.
The term line font refers to a combination of style, end cap, and thickness. Line fonts are set in the document-specific settings at Tools Options Document Properties Line Font. These settings are described in detail in Appendix B.
One of the single most important and cumbersome tasks of the administrator is the creation of objects, namely users and groups, but also computers and printers. In this section, the ins and outs of this task are covered beginning with the creation of OUs as containers for grouping our users, groups, and computers.
SmallImageList (Public Instance Property)
A section view of the tutorial assembly
At this point, it might be necessary to distinguish some terminology. On the Web, an avatar is an image or icon that represents a person. The term was made popular in recent years by virtual reality games like World of Warcraft and Second Life, but has become a commonly used word in social networks as well. Gravatar, short for Globally Recognized Avatar, is a specific brand associated with providing avatars. was purchased by Automattic and is the default provider for WordPress avatars. n
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