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low-level analog circuits may require the amplitude level of the magnetic field to be much lower. 9.5.2 Potential Problems When Using Ferrite Cores Increase in Radiated Emissions Clamp-on ferrite cores are commonly installed on cables for inserting commonmode impedance (Figure 9.31). This is done to reduce common-mode currents that cause unwanted emissions and potential failure to meet international emission regulations such as CISPR 22 and FCC Part 15. Ferrite cores may reduce a certain portion of common-mode current on the shield of cables. Of primary interest is reducing the magnitude of the commonmode current to levels that are acceptable. It is impossible to remove all undesired radiated energy present. Undesired RF currents can cause unwanted emissions and potential failure to international regulatory requirements. There are times when a ferrite core can increase radiated emission levels at a particular frequency.* Many EMC engineers have noticed that the emissions at a few frequencies go up with the installation of a ferrite core in some applications. The cores usually used for this purpose are made with a lossy material. The commonmode impedance of the core has a significant resistive component. Normally, one would not expect that a resonance is caused by the core tuning the cable due to the resistive part of its common-mode impedance. Inserting a resistive common-mode impedance on a cable can indeed cause a tuning/resonance effect to occur along with the potential for increased emissions. One way this can happen is illustrated in Figure 9.32. In Figure 9.32, two systems are connected by a single interconnect cable. Assume equipment enclosures are metal and sufficiently large to be part of a wave*Details of this troubleshooting technique are derived from a Technical Tidbit article (December 1999) provided at www.emcesd.com, courtesy of Doug Smith.
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Nobody s perfect, and sometimes calls go unanswered. Maybe you were busy and didn t hear the phone. Or you were away from the phone. Or maybe you re just on AT&T. Whatever the reason, calls get missed. There s no need to point fingers.
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The disadvantages of WLL also are fairly obvious:
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19: Using Smart Components
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3. Discrete Signal Representations
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Additional features on the part
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SELECT P.ProductID, P.[Name], P.ProductNumber, P.MakeFlag, P.Color, P.[Size], P.ListPrice, P.StandardCost, P.ProductSubcategoryID, SubCat.[Name] AS Subcategory, SubCat.ProductCategoryID, Cat.[Name] AS Category FROM Production.Product P INNER JOIN Production.ProductSubcategory SubCat ON P.ProductSubcategoryID = SubCat.ProductSubcategoryID INNER JOIN Production.ProductCategory Cat ON SubCat.ProductCategoryID = Cat.ProductCategoryID WHERE P.ProductSubcategoryID IN (@ProductSubcategoryID) AND SubCat.ProductCategoryID IN (@ProductCategoryID)
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Differential mixer RFp RFn Input1 Input Chopping Block Output1 Mixer Inputa Output Chopping Block Inputb Outputb Outputa IF IF
22. Make a second group with the other pair of angled lines. Accept the feature when you are satisfied. The model should now look like Figure 31.25.
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