Part II: Working with Plugins
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Extension .aac Name Advanced audio coding Description An ISO standard audio compression format made popular as the default format for Apple iPod music players An open-source, lossless audio format that doesn t use compression An open-source audio compression format equivalent to MP3 compression and quality A patented audio compression format requiring licensing rights A Microsoft and IBM standard for uncompressed audio A proprietary audio compression format created by Microsoft and controlled by strict licensing requirements
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Figure 13-16: Give yourself space where you need it most
The value of the influence function at 17: = F - ' ( t ) is
The bandwidth ef ciency is de ned as the aggregate data rate of the users, normalized by the system bandwidth, which we write as = M 1 1 MR b = = + W N N (10.5.4)
Figure 5-4: Viewing a folder in List view.
That s right Microsoft has defined long, hard-to-remember commands to replace dir (which shows a directory listing of filenames), type (which displays a file s contents), and del (which erases a file). Microsoft explains the length of its new PowerShell commands by saying it helps PowerShell developers remember and understand them. It also makes it possible to get a synopsis of a group of commands by using the command get-help, though to be fair, many people will use the command s short, memorable alias instead: help. For example, you can see a listing of all the Windows PowerShell commands that retrieve, or get, some kind of information using the following syntax:
and Internet Email Account, the latter of which can be a POP3- or IMAP-based account only. If you choose Internet Email Account, you will have a lot of data to fill out, including the incoming e-mail server address, account type (POP3/IMAP), the outgoing e-mail server address, and so on. It s not for the faint of heart, though arguably this was what most e-mail configuration experiences were like just a few short years ago.
Printer services: the physical environment
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