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Table A-2: CultureInfo Static Properties Name Description CurrentUICult ure instance that represents the default culture used by the resource manager to look up culturespecific resources at runtime. Gets the CultureInfo instance that is not culturedependent.
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Turning Windows Features On or Off
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3. Use the multi-selector to select
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Measure S11. Change the format to Smith Chart display.
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of the domain and resulting containers drilled down to the terminating object. In LDAP naming, there are three components: the domain that holds other containers such as domains or OUs, the container that holds objects, and the resulting object. This nomenclature may drill down many levels in order to resolve the object name. Take the user Bob Smith. The name Bob Smith is the CN of the object. That object exists in the user container in the directory. The user container is in the domain technologic and the root com . The result looks like this to LDAP: DC=com,DC=technologic,OU=users,CN=Bob Smith This resulting statement is a path or directional statement to the object. Another way to think of a DN is a culmination of chained RDNs.
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10: Working with Part Configurations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 329
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PL, 2 PS, 3 Block 3
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into three functions, each of which depends on just a single parameter: DDDPS( , , ) = APSBS ( )APSMS ( )Ph ( ) (7.8)
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Snipping tool
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CrossReference For more details about creating calculated columns, turn to 17, Implementing the Physical Database Schema.
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Oxide Dielectric Films for Active Electronics
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Multiple monitor support
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and, by defining y = V2jqN/Cox, one obtains
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When the program finishes, the gmon.out call graph profile file is created in the same directory. You can then run the gprof program against the demo program and save the output to a file:
FIGURE 16.22 The remote control like feature in Windows Media Center lets you handle a wide array of tasks.
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