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Headline: Pet Plane Subheadline: This advertisement has not been paid for by Piper nor do I own any Piper stock. Byline: By Joseph Sugarman, President, JS&A Group, Inc. Copy: I am a proud owner of a 1978 Aerostar 601P and have decided to sell it despite serious reservations. I bought 296PA in April of 1978. It was one of the last ones produced by Ted Smith before Piper bought the company. I also hired a full-time mechanic, Dave, who did nothing but keep the ship gleaming and in perfect ying condition. 243
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LMHOSTS is an ASCII le, with the entry format similar to entries in a Hosts le. In addition, LMHOSTS supports special keywords, explained later in this section. Windows Server 2008 includes a sample LMHOSTS le in \%systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc. As with the Hosts le, you should make a backup copy of LMHOSTS before modifying it.
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RPR protection schemes.
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<TABLE border= 1 summary= This table provides information about average 12 year old girls: average height, weight, and percentage with brown eyes. > <CAPTION><EM>Characteristics of Average Girls</EM></CAPTION> <TR><TH rowspan= 2 ><TH colspan= 2 >Average <TH rowspan= 2 >Brown<BR>eyes <TR><TH>height<TH>weight <TR><TH>Females<TD>1.7<TD>0.002<TD>43% </TABLE>
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to read the copy, then what we are really talking about is reading the rst sentence, aren t we What does this tell you about the rst sentence Pretty important, isn t it And if the rst sentence is pretty important, what do you hope the person who looks at your ad does Read it, of course. If the reader doesn t read your very rst sentence, chances are that he or she won t read your second sentence. Now if the rst sentence is so important, what can you do to make it so compelling to read, so simple, and so interesting that your readers every one of them will read it in its entirety The answer: Make it short. If you look at many typical JS&A ads, you ll notice that all of my rst sentences are so short they almost aren t sentences. Some typical ones might be:
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B/W. Captures the image in black
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Including Media Enhancements
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76. Sayer, M.; Sedlar, M. 1995. Comparative sol gel processing of PZT thin lms. Int. Ferro. 7(1 4):247 258. 77. Doeuff, S.; Henry, M.; Sanchez, C.; Livage, J. 1987. Hydrolysis of titanium alkoxides: modi cation of the molecular precursor by acetic acid. J. Non-Cryst. Sol. 89:206 216. 78. Boyle, T. J.; Dimos, D.; Schwartz, R. W.; Alam, T. M.; Sinclair, M. B.; Buchheit, C. D. 1997. Aging characteristics of a hybrid sol-gel Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 precursor solution. J. Mat. Res. 12:1022 1030. 79. Alam, T. M.; Boyle, T. J.; Buchheit, C. D.; Schwartz, R. W.; Ziller, J. W. 1994. Formation, structure, and material properties from the reaction product of M(OCHMe2)4 (M = Ti, Zr) and HOAc. In Better Ceramics Through Chemistry VI, edited by Cheetham, A. K.; Brinker, C. J.; MeCartney, M. L.; Sanchez, C. Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 346:35 40. 80. Boyle, T. J.; Pearson, A. T.; Schwartz, R. W. 1994. Synthesis and characterization of Group IV metal adamantanol alkoxides as potential PZT precursors. Ceram. Trans. 43:79 87. 81. Boyle T. J.; Schwartz, R. W. 1994. An Investigation of Group (IV) alkoxides as property controlling reagents in the synthesis of ceramic materials. Comments Inorg. Chem. 16:243 278. 82. Boyle, T. J.; Schwartz, R. W.; Doedens, R. J.; Ziller, J. W. 1995. Synthesis and structure of novel Group IV tridentate alkoxide complexes and ceramic thin lms derived therefrom. X-ray structures of H3CC(CH2- 3-O)(CH2- -O)2)2 Ti4(OCH(CH3)2)10, (H3CCH2C(CH2- 3-O)(CH2- -O)2)2Ti4(OCH(CH3)2)10, and (H3CC(CH2- -O)3)2Zr4( -OCH(CH3)2)2(OCH(CH2)2)8. Inorg. Chem. 34:1110 1120. 83. Chae, H. K.; Payne, D. A.; Xu, Z.; Ma, L. 1994. Molecular structure of a new lead titanium bimetallic alkoxide complex [PbTi2( 4-O)(OOCCH3)(OCH2CH3)7]2: Evolution of structure on heat treatment and the formation of thin-layer dielectrics. Chem. Mat. 6:1589 1592. 84. Ma, L.; Payne, D. A. 1994. Studies on the nature of a lead zirconate titanate (PZT) precursor solution. Isolation and structural characterization of [PbZr2(O)(OOC CH3)2(OCH2CH3)6]2. Chem. Mat. 6:875 877. 85. Lipeles, R. A.; Coleman, D. J. 1988. Effect of drying and annealing on metalloorganic solution deposition of PZT lms. In Ultrastructure Processing of Advanced Ceramics, edited by Ulrich, D. R.; Mackenzie, J. D. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York. pp. 919 933. 86. Baythoun, M. S. G.; Sale, F. R. 1982. Production of strontium-substituted lanthanum manganite perovskite powder by the amorphous citrate process. J. Mat. Sci. 17:2757 2769. 87. Van Bael, M. K.; Nelis, D.; Hardy, A.; Mondelaers, D.; Van Werde, K.; D Haen, J.; Vanhoyland, G.; Van Den Rul, H.; Mullens, J.; Van Poucke, L. C.; Frederix, F.; Wouters, D. J. 2002. Aqueous chemical solution deposition of ferroelectric thin lms. Int. Ferro. 45(1):113 122. 88. Tummala, R. R. 2001. Fundamentals of Microsystems Packaging. McGraw Hill, New York. 89. Brinker, C. J.; Hurd, A. J. 1994. Fundamentals of sol-gel dip-coating. J. Phys. III France. 4:1231 1242.
There are two reserved IPv6 unicast addresses. The rst, 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0, or :: in compressed format, is called the unspeci ed address. This address is used during IPv6 initialization before a node has obtained its own address. You can t assign :: to a node, and it can t be used as the source address in an IPv6 packet or routing header. The second reserved address is the loopback address. It corresponds to the loopback address in IPv4. The IPv6 loopback address is 0:0:0:0:0:0:1, or ::1 in compressed format. The loopback address enables the node to send a packet to itself, which is useful for testing proper function of the protocol stack. Local-use unicast addresses support communication over a single link where no routing is required. They are also used for automatic con guration of addresses and neighbor discovery, which is the process used to discover neighboring nodes on the link. Table 3-6 shows the structure of a local-use unicast address.
/H. Displays les with hidden or system attributes; these les are omitted by default. /K. Creates a new le-encryption key for the user who is running CIPHER. All the other options are ignored when this option is used. /N. Prevents keys from being updated. It works with the /U option. /R. Generates an EFS recovery-agent key and associated certi cate and then writes the les to a PFX le (which contains certi cates and private key information) and CER les, which contain only certi cate information. The administrator then adds the contents of the CER le to the EFS recovery policy to create a recovery agent for users. The PFX le is then imported to recover individual les. /U. Used to affect all the encrypted les on a volume to update user le-encryption keys and recovery-agent keys when they are changed. /W. Wipes data off volumes. /X. Used for backing up EFS certi cates. pathname. Speci es a le or directory. If used without parameters, CIPHER displays the encryption state of the current directory and any les contained in the folder. You can use multiple directory names and wildcards. Use spaces between multiple parameters.
When you get one corner started, move to the opposite corner and repeat the process; you don t want to bend the CPU pins when you remove the chip, so it s important to work on each of the four corners (see Figure 10.12). That way, you can lift the CPU almost straight out when you ve loosened each corner.
Pin, dBm
Previous: View the previous image in an image collection. Next: View the next image in a image collection. In: Zoom in on the image in the viewer by increasing the magnification. Out: Zoom out from the image in the viewer by decreasing the magnification. Normal: Reset the image to normal size in the viewer (undo a zoom in or out
Loading CLT types into SQL Server requires the creation of two database objects. In all cases, the assembly that contains the type(s) must first be created; then the CLR type(s) in that assembly are created. Creating the assembly is essentially the act of validating and loading the IL into the sysassemblies catalog view. No usable artifacts are created solely by the execution of CREATE ASSEMBLY. The assembly hierarchy consists of the following three views:
The Cluster Membership Module
Another way custom fields can be used is to provide one-line executive summaries or teaser phrases for posts. This technique is often used in newspapers, where a story is laid out with a title, a subtitle, and then post content. You might consider doing this with the excerpt of the post as well, since this can be manually designated, but you might want to have an excerpt and an executive summary for use on different kinds of pages. This code shown in Listing 21.1 can be hooked into a theme hook if one is included, or it can be used directly as a template tag inside the Loop. Personally I use the template tag directly after the title of the post and only on individual posts and pages.
T-Log Delete Insert
secondary. A secondary line indicates that you intend this server to be a secondary name server for the listed zone. You should have at least one secondary server for each zone. Proper placement of secondaries can dramatically increase the reliability and performance of your DNS service. In a distributed organization, each area can be primary for its own subdomain and secondary for any other subdomains. Where this gets very tricky is in determining who is primary for the reverse tables. Because most companies utilize either single class B or C networks and physically co-locate people and machines in different logical subdomains, it may be a centralized network administrator who maintains the reverse maps. In this example, the secondary line will cause this machine to contact the name server at and request a zone transfer for the domain and the 192.1 subnet. You can specify multiple IP addresses to query on the secondary line. named will query those addresses for all the information it can get about the domain, remember it, and act as though it were authoritative for that domain.
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