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5: Cascading Style Sheets
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Marketing and Advertising on the Web
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Windows Photo Gallery commands
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A part created from a composite curve
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One of the more difficult tasks for you as a web developer is putting yourself in the user s place. When a user is expected to perform a given task, you need to figure out exactly what the steps are in that task and find ways to optimize it as much as possible. The classic search box is a great example. Perhaps you ve seen a search box that has the features shown in Figure 8.10. Figure 8.10 Website search: the worst-case scenario
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ACRONYMS Analog-to-digital Area code, adaptive circuit Adaptive differential pulse code modulation Access line group Access network Country code, control channel Control equipment Carrier identi cation code Central of ce terminal Digital-to-analog Digital line concentrator, digital loop carrier Digital multiplexer port Differential phase-shift keying North American rst-order pulse code modulation multiplex Exchange code, echo canceler Echo suppressor European Telecommunications Standards Institute Frequency-division multiplexing Frequency-shift keying Hybrid circuit Interexchange carrier, identi cation code Interexchange carrier International number International switching center
24: Keeping Your Data Safe: File and PC Backup
EXEC pOrder_AddNew @ContactCode = 110 , @EmployeeCode = 120 , @LocationCode = CH , @OrderDate= 6/1/2002 , @OrderNumber = @OrderNumber output EXEC pOrder_AddItem @OrderNumber = @OrderNumber,
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19. Expand the Structural Member feature. Notice that the four bodies are listed under it. Expand the Cut List folder. The bodies should also be listed there. 20. Open the 10-inch pipe library feature that you created at the beginning of this tutorial. Edit the two dimensions to subtract 2 inches from each dimension, and add a custom property description called Support Leg. Use the Save As command to save the library feature to the same location as the original, but with the filename P-Pipe8in.SLDLFP. 21. Initiate another Structural Member feature, this time selecting the 8-inch size of pipe from the Custom folder. In the Path Segments selection box, select two of the angled lines that go to opposite corners.
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The first part that you insert into an assembly has a Fixed constraint applied to it. This constraint is indicated by the (f) in front of the name of the part in the FeatureManager. Figure 4.16 shows the placement preview and cursor from step 1, as well as the FeatureManager after the part has been added.
Keys are objects and can be altered or dropped like any other SQL Server object.
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