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Clicking the Edit Preferences menu item produces the Totem Preferences window, shown in Figure 12-4.
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The class points to where the IE is speci ed. Universal IEs are speci ed in ITU-T Rec. X.409. IEs in this class are used primarily in data communication networks and some are also used in TCAP. Application-wide IEs are speci ed by ITU-T in [6]. They are used in all TCAP applications de ned by ITU-T. Context-speci c IEs are speci ed within the context of the next higher constructor IE. A contextspeci c Tag value thus has different meanings, which depend on the class of the constructor. Private use IEs are de ned by various national organizations. The class concept enables the various standards organizations to de ne IEs independently of each other. Type Field. Bit F of octet 1 indicates whether the IE is constructor (F 1) or primitive (F 0). Tag Code Field. The Tag code identi es the IE. Tag codes that range from 00000 through 11110 (decimal 0 through 30) are coded as one-octet Tags, in bits E to A. Tag codes higher than 31 are coded as multi-octet Tags: bits E to A in octet 1 are set to 11111, and bits G to A in the following octets hold the Tag code. Bit H of the second and higher octets is set to 0 if that octet is the last one; otherwise it is set to 1.
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BPSK (Binary Phase Shift Keying) at 125 kbps per channel for a total of 6 Mbps (125 kbps 48 channels = 6 Mbps) and 187.5 kbps for a total of 9 Mbps QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) at 250 kbps per channel for a total of 12 Mbps and 375 kbps per channel for a total of 18 Mbps 16QAM (16-level Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) at 500 kbps per channel for a total of 24 Mbps and 750 kbps per channel for a total of 36 Mbps 64QAM (64-level QAM) at 1 Mbps per channel for a total of 48 Mbps and 1.125 Mbps per channel for a total of 54 Mbps.
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WordPress.com VIP is reserved for the clients that spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on hosting annually. Though it is an advertised service, the vast majority of people looking to host their blogs on WordPress.com with VIP service will not qualify for the service. This decision as to who qualifies for VIP service lies exclusively with Automattic and there is no real formula. Generally speaking, a VIP candidate has tons of traffic and is high profile. VIP customers have some of the access to their blogs that they would have on other servers. They can modify their themes, include JavaScript, and do more of the things that are generally not allowed with standard WordPress.com users. The key benefit to using WordPress.com VIP hosting is that Automattic is already doing the heavy lifting of providing a robust and secure WordPress infrastructure, including servers and network. Some VIP customers include CNN.com, the GigaOM Network, the Wall Street Journal s All Things Digital, Fox News, and more.
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Classes allow you to create a style definition that doesn't relate to a specific HTML element. Instead, they pertain to any tag or set of tags that you later specify. For example, if you have an application with 100 pages but three of the pages are going to be of a completely different style, or if you have one section of your page that really breaks off from the style of the rest of the page, creating a style class is the way to go. Follow these steps to create a style class: 1. Open the Style Builder by right-clicking anywhere in the CSS Outline box and selecting Add Style Rule. The Add Style Rule dialog box appears (see Figure 39-5). 2. The default setting in the Style Builder is to create a style for an element, so click the Class name radio button. Then give your class a name and click OK. 3. You have now created a new style class. Notice that you can see the class definition in the code window at the bottom of the style.css file.
The Options pane of the Mate PropertyManager is shown in Figure 13.23. Most of the options are self-explanatory, except for Use for positioning only. This option positions a part but does not apply a parametric mate. Some users make extensive use of this option for various applications where you need the part located precisely, but do not need or want a mate feature in the tree. Positioning parts for Animator animations where the part does not move according to a mate is one example of a use for this option.
Member server/workstation management
Case Study The general manager of a $400 million division asked me to pursue a new craze called open meetings, which was described (somewhat skeptically) in nothing less than the Wall Street Journal. I told him I had examined it and thought it was ridiculous. The idea was that people simply wandered around a room, voluntarily grouping themselves around easel sheets with topics they wanted to address. There was no other structure or design. Humor me, said the buyer, and talk to the originator. I tracked down the guy in Maine somewhere, and he told me by phone that his approach had a superb track record and everyone loved it. I asked about times it didn t work, and he said there were none, which immediately raised every red flag in my flag locker. I asked for some client references, and he reluctantly gave me a few. One reference told me that people had aimlessly drifted during the meeting and that most had settled around a topic about how to improve and increase compensation. The real corporate needs of increasing market share, improving technology, and retaining past customers never even made it onto an easel sheet. We ended the experiment right there, she said, and the two people who advocated the approach lost so much credibility that I ve advised them to think about leaving the company. The executives were furious and, by the way, we figure we lost $60,000 between the trainer s fee and the wasted morning. I told my GM that story, suggested he forget about it, and he quickly did.
Bi-directional coupler
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