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You can choose either Facebook or SkyDrive as your Quick Upload site. What this does, ultimately, is save you one click when you want to share a photo with others. So instead of selecting a picture, tapping and holding, choosing Share, and then choosing either Upload to Facebook or Upload to SkyDrive, you can select a picture, tap and hold, and then choose either Upload to Facebook or Upload to SkyDrive, right from that initial pop-up menu. This isn t so much Quick Upload as it is Slightly Quicker Upload.
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While CERN served to conceive the Web, its home has moved to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). W3C is a cooperative venture of CERN, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and l Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA), which translates from French as the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control. The primary focus of W3C is that of leading the technical evolution of the Web by promoting interoperability and providing an open forum for discussion. Since it was organized in 1994, W3C has published over 30 technical speci cations. You can monitor progress through the W3C website (of course). 13.11.1 Websites and Home Pages
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Line management. P&L responsibility. Sales and/or marketing. Turn-around poor operation. International travel. Basic technical usage. Deductive Client reasoning. interaction. Prudent risk taking. Team leadership. Flexibility. Valuable failures.5 Big picture thinker. Work with diverse people.
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Bend Allowance and Bend Deduction are specific length values, not a ratio like the K-Factor. The Bend Allowance is essentially the arclength of the Neutral Plane through the bend region. The three values are related, as shown in Figure 29.6. The dark rectangle represents the bend area. Material outside of the bend area really does not matter, although it is usually shown and used in the generally accepted formulas about bend calculations for sheet metal.
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Installing SQL Server Express
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Besides the network login (user ID and password), other examples of bi-factorial authentication are ATM cards, smart cards, and the like. The user presents the card and either types in a user ID or a password. Two components have to match to unlock the door. However, it is still not 100 percent secure. ATM cards are stolen, passwords can be discovered, and so forth. Mono-factorial identi cation is a far more secure and convenient form of authentication. There can be only one form, and it is more convenient for both the user and the authenticator. The bottom line is that the user has to do less work to authenticate; he or she need not remember a password and does not have to type in a user ID. Examples of mono-factorial authentication include ngerprints, retinal scans, and voiceprints. These factors seldom require another factor of identi cation. A user has only one retinal pattern, voiceprint, and ngerprint in existence. In many cases, the password is not needed because the pattern itself is the cipher; and because it is attached to the user, there is no need to verify the user.
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The description of the issues and processes involved in bringing an analysis of a natural language text from the token level to a semantic level is very basic to the understanding of the level of granularity of the generated semantic structures (Engels and Bremdal, 2000). The outcome of the analysis process is a virtual representation of a text s contents, its semantics (e.g. the concepts
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As it stands today, Windows Virtual PC is an interesting and, in many cases, desirable solution, especially with Windows XP Mode. But the underlying technology is still based on the legacy Virtual PC code and not on newer, hypervisor-based virtualization solutions like Hyper-V, part of the Windows Server 2008 product line. This technology runs closer to the metal than Windows Virtual PC, so it offers much better performance and is more secure and easily maintainable. Despite utilizing a different architecture, however, Hyper-V is compatible with the same VHDs used by Windows Virtual PC, ensuring that customers who adopted Microsoft s virtualization products early in the game could move their virtualized environments forward. Microsoft also offers more managed application virtualization products, which today are, of course, geared toward larger companies. Microsoft purchased a company called SoftGrid and relaunched its application virtualization solution as Microsoft Application Virtualization, or App-V. This software enables Microsoft customers to stream applications to the desktop in special virtualized packages. Instead of delivering an entire virtualized environment to end users, companies can deliver individual applications in a package, along with any required dependent files. These packages break the application/operating system lock and allow for some interesting scenarios, including the ability to run multiple versions of the same application on a single OS. Then, in 2007, Microsoft purchased another innovative company in the virtualization space, Kidaro. This acquisition gave Microsoft the final piece of the puzzle: the ability to combine the power of Virtual PC with the application independence of SoftGrid. The resulting product, Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V), is basically a server-based version of XP Mode.
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Next, the partition table needs an empty partition:
Field Experimenting with Semantic Web Tools in a Virtual Organization
Figure 12-54: Everyone appreciates a little red-eye removal.
The simplest way to disable startup scripts is to change the initial letter from a capital S to a small s. In this way, you can easily reactivate the script if you need to. On a well-managed Solaris system, related scripts (e.g., the start and kill versions of the same script) will be hard links. We like to use a script to locate and disable scripts associated with particular services. A sample script is shown in the following listing.
Another important improvement to Event Viewer in Windows Vista comes with the introduction of Views. Views allow you to create powerful, customizable queries across multiple event logs and save them for subsequent use.
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