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IP (Intercept Point) and IMR (Inter-Modulation Rejection)
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For an element of the interface that is supposed to save space, the default settings for the CommandManager surely take up a lot of it! When many users see the CommandManager for the first time, they ask how to turn off the text. You can turn off the text in one of two ways. The easiest way is to right-click in the CommandManager and deselect Use Large Buttons with Text, as shown in Figure 2.5.
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If you are reading the appendix of this SolidWorks Bible, it is probably too late for this suggestion for your current SolidWorks purchase, but taking training as a part of the software purchase evaluation whenever you consider new software is a terrific way to help you make an informed decision about which software package to buy. Because of the time commitment involved, this is generally only an option if you come from a larger organization with a dedicated CAD Administrator. It is also best to have two people go through training to evaluate software rather than one; this way, they can trade and share ideas, and the company s decision does not rest on one person s opinions. Make a deal with the software resellers that as a part of the evaluation, you will get training on all the software packages being considered, and if you buy their software, you will pay for the training. This can also work the other way: you pay for the training up front, and if you buy the software, the cost of the training is treated as a credit toward the software purchase. However you negotiate it, resellers may accept this option because they see that you are willing to invest in the evaluation process, and are serious about the purchase plans. Using training as evaluation helps you to evaluate more than just the software; it also helps you to see what doing business with a particular CAD vendor or reseller is like. If they have to send you to another facility for training, you will want to take this into account. If the trainer is exceptionally knowledgeable, this is an obvious benefit. If you get to meet the support people, that is another benefit.
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Mean Carried Teletraffic (Erlang/km2/MHz)
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On installation, project security is disabled by default (see Figure 20-5). Until project level security is enabled, the only available security from SourceSafe is the Read only option that can be selected when creating a new user.
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Click the File tab and then click New. The default choice is Blank presentation. Click Create.
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Working with WordPad/Notepad
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Figure 4.34 Setup of simulation for group 3, UWB system.
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Keep in mind that your hard drive can be damaged and rendered unusable when plugged in during inclement weather. A power surge strip usually can protect your system, although your safest bet under such circumstances would be to unplug the unit and use a backup power source unit. Forewarned is forearmed!
They loved the merchandise. Can you imagine how shocked we were All those men milling about our Victorian boutique. Admiring the silk stockings and lacy garter belts from France. Totally smitten by the luxurious silk and satin kimonos from London. Crowding around the bra and bikini sets from Italy. They couldn t wait to surprise their wives or girlfriends with something truly special.
Table 22-2: Commonly Used smbclient Commands
For the book example, click the image placeholder marked book.
Application Execution Model
12. Reconnect the cables you disconnected in step 2. 13. Turn the PC on, boot normally, and see if your new drive appears (for example, by looking in the My Computer folder). 14. If everything looks good, turn the PC off, disconnect the back panel cables, replace the cover, and reconnect the cables. 15. Restart the computer and perform a thorough disk test on the new drive to make sure it s completely healthy. For example, in Windows 9x, ME, and 2000, you d right-click the drive in My Computer, choose Properties, click Tools, and click the Check (or Check Now) button. If you have an option to select a thorough test versus a standard test, choose thorough. The test may run for an hour or so, but at the end of it you can be quite confident that your drive is safe for programs and data. 16. (Optional) Partition the new drive. Partitioning is the process of dividing the space that a new drive provides into multiple drive letters. For example, if you install a new 20GB drive, you could partition it so that, to the computer s operating system, it looks like two 10GB drives (D: and E:). Partitioning used to be necessary to gain space efficiency and to avoid limitations in the operating system s ability to use large drives; with Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP, however, as long as you use the FAT32 or NTFS file systems, the value of partitioning drives is minimal.
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